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Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by eileenbunny, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. This isnt just my belief, it is a wide spread thing across the interwebs.
    And yes, Skyfall does have the graves of Bond's parents. That still invalidates nothing.
  2. Jesus you are a fucking wall.
  3. I just dont understand why you are trying to tear down something that gives me more enjoyment out of the movies. It isnt like it hurts you or your enjoyment at all, I just shared something that I like to believe in and then you decided to come in and try and shit on it.

    Yet apparently I am the person in the wrong here.
  4. Toy Story
  5. I still need to see Avengers and Cap 'Mericuh
  6. Fixed for me. :drool:
  7. M then said 'It's no wonder you never came back' when looking at the house.

    Which says it's his house, those are his parents, and his name, james bond, is his fucking name.

    God damn.
  8. Because it's wrong, and you're wrong. If you wish to continue to spout uneducated and incorrect shit, then continue to expect to have people correct you.
  9. That only says that he was the first, which makes sense as when they first came out with the first Craig movie they said it was going to be a prequel type.

    I don't know why my belief bothers you so bad, it isn't meant to, the original comment wasn't even directed to you.
  10. It's the fact you keep arguing your point like it's valid, which it isn't, or discounting the facts, which you are, to validate your incorrect and wrong assumption.

    That is what bothers me.
  11. that wasnt in the books though, there is no mention of skyfall by fleming anywhere. Its madeup.
  12. Facts? In a fictional movie series loosely based off a fictional book series centered around a secret agent that never existed?

    You are taking this way too seriously.
  13. buncha bond nerds ITT........ valentin seleznyov needs an invite here

  14. Skyfall isn't, but his backstory is. The name of his parents, how they died, the name of his aunt and uncle he was sent to live with when orphaned at 10...

    good job.

    I guess you don't understand how canon works, do you.

    Hey, Boba Fett was a Sith Lord. That makes my enjoyment of the movies even better!

    Hey! Greedo Shot First!

    Hey! James T. Kirk is just a name for all the captains of the Enterprise. It's not the same guy!
  16. Say any of those in public, expect backlash.

    You are just back to refusing to admit error.
  17. #177 Duke, Feb 11, 2013
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2013

    Just pointing out again how this conversation evolved since you seem to have forgotten, already. You say your view is right. Then you complain that it shouldn't matter when I show you it isn't...

    I guess you don't get it. Your woman must have the patience of Job with you.
  18. big difference

    we love bond

    val thought he was bond
  19. agreed on the diner scene, awesome scene...also liked the scene with kilmer and judd with that unspoken warning they had

    great movie in general but to be top 5 needed a better ending
  20. on the fence here about this, as it's almost impossible to correctly end that movie any other way except the location it's shot in.