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Movie Favorites

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by eileenbunny, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. I don't consider Never Say Never Again to be a REAL bond film. No Eon, no Bond.

    I mean, yeah that's the character he was playing in that film, but it's like a bad counterfeit.
  2. I agree. It was a blatant rip-off of Thunderball and was only done to legitimize some dudes claim to the bond rights.
  3. Thunderball is one of my favorite Bond films. I could have done a top 10 with just favorite Bond films, but that would have taken more careful deliberation :lol:
  4. I used to respect you. Nothing about Diamonds was good, the woman sucked, the henchmen were literally gay and killed people with bugs and Blofeld suddenly grew 18 inches and got a full head of hair

    retarded movie

    never say never again was thunderball remade bypassing UA, doesn't count

  5. let's....

    top ten:

    1. Goldfinger
    2. Octopussy
    3. Thunderball
    4. Tomorrow Never Dies
    5. Skyfall
    6. From Russia with Love
    7. Spy who Loved Me
    8. A View to a Kill
    9. World is not Enough
    10. You only Live Twice
  6. No 'Man With The Golden Gun'?, but you have Octopussy @ #2 ?

    Why not just come out and say 'I fail at Bond'
  7. Winn & Kidd had such potential to be excellent hitmen.. It's a shame they killed them off at the end.

  8. wow man with a golden gun? the fuck are you smoking?

    worst bond moves, not counting never say never

    1. Diamonds are Forever
    2. Quantum of Solace
    3. Man with a Golden Gun
    4. Dr. No (I know it was the first but it was boring)
    5. tie for Moonraker and Her Majesty....

    octopussy was awesome, both women were hot, good action sequences, good plot, good henchman
  9. Best Bond List with Roger Moore is an EPIC FAIL.
  10. I've never thought you were gay until this thread
  11. Moore had his strengths, he did the humor part well as well as the "class"
  12. connery > brosnan > dalton > moore > lazenby

    Craig is kinda on his own list. He isnt the same bond as any of the others.
  13. Louis Fucking Jordan as the bad guy. The movie had failure from the word go.

    Her Majesty's Secret Service was the worst Bond movie ever, ignoring the first 'Casino Royale'
  14. I'd swap Moore with Dalton. I never like Dalton as bond. Horribly miscast.
  15. most people dont. I kinda liked him.
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    The only role I like him in, ever, was as Prince Baron in the Flash Gordon remake.
  17. Dalton blew. The only reason he got it was because Brosnan couldn't get out of his Remington Steele contract iirc.
  18. dalton played it like a Shakespearean play, he was the worst... significantly
  19. it was bad, not the worst mainly because of the kick ass skiing scenes but yeah very bad
  20. The Pianist was a good movie.