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Movie Favorites

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by eileenbunny, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. I subscribe to the theory that "James Bond" is a designator for the top agent in the field, just like 007 is a designator.
    Thus, all Bonds are not the same as any other
  2. Not an unreasonable theory. But i feel like i remember they actually denied that in one of the films.

    Speaking of continuity, i liked the final tie in in Skyfall that revealed who this lady is. I thought that was cool

  3. o.0

    The books are quite clear in pointing out that James Bond is really James Bond. It's not a designation like 007.
  4. I went to the premiere of Goldeneye. For me Craig is the best Bond since Connery. And I saw Dr No at the pictures.
  5. craig is decent.... hated the bourne-like style they were going with quantum of solace
  6. Me too. I just think he fits the bill best. He's the first since Connery who I could imagine having been a Royal Naval Commander for example.
  7. Incidentally, someone I used to know, Ranulph Ffynes, was short-listed for Bond.
  8. they seem to being going back to bond with skyfall though
  9. I hear it... though maybe brosnan if they had gotten him young

    agreed, loved that movie
  10. Heat <-----everything else is far behind
    Matrix (the original...the only good one)
    The Dark Knight
    The Sandlot
  11. if heat had ended 10 minutes earlier I'd agree...that shadow/gun fight was retarded and out of place for such an intelligent movie

    and sandlot was underrated, good call
  12. the shadow scene at the airport was necessary to the movies entire the end it had to be deniro and pacino...and one had to put the other down

    the developed a relationship through the film that blurred the boundaries between good guy/bad had to be just them
  13. in which movie? How do they do it?

    How do they point it out? And what percentage of Bond fans has actually read the books?
  14. i also would've liked to put the movie Crash in there....just couldn't move any others.

    i'm probably forgetting some...but I just pulled those ten quickly, off the top of my head.

    Gump should probably be on there as well....private ryan was amazing too.........the more thoguht i put in, the harder it is.
  15. just them? yes... a standard trite, gun

    it was way too done to death for such a unique movie and they could have easily had a dramatic ending that was their own
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    His father was Andrew Bond, and his mother was Monique Delecroix, both of Scottish ancestry. They die in a climbing accident in the french alps when he was 11.

    Just because you aren't aware of the backstory doesn't validate your incorrect assumption that Bond is a Nom De Guerre.
  17. regardless of our differences....the diner scene with just the two of them is my favorite scene in any movie ever.......and the gun fight in downtown LA is the second best movie scene in any movie ever....therefore, that film > all
  18. That just proves that at one point in time there was one man who was actually named James Bond. If you allow the fact that the original was such a shit hot agent that they had to carry on the name so as to continue causing the bad guys to wet their pants in fear the movie series becomes much more awesome and the quirks that each individual actor brings to the table become understandable. It also explains how a couple Bonds fall so heavily in love only to have that woman die and him then becomes a womanizer
  19. ive only watched the bond movies with brosnan in it. felt cheesy like watching batman forever/robin
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    Dude, no. just... no....

    Stop now.

    PS. Skyfall was his childhood home, and there is a sign outside referring to both his father and mother. That 100% invalidates anything else you think. All in one movie without any need to read the books.