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Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by eileenbunny, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Why are you incapable of having a rational discussion with me? Why do you always go off the deep end?
  2. a quick death of some kind where pacino takes down de niro... nothing strung out, nothing that diverts the message that he simply could not walk the time pacino got him, you practically forgot why he was in the situation
  3. makes for a fun conversation...he is duke, he does this well
  4. I guess it might be a fun conversation for him, but I just don't see the point of him getting so worked up about it and attacking the style of how I put forth my arguments rather than the actual arguments.
    If he wanted an actual conversation he would converse with me, instead he goes off on me about tangential items
  5. but that wouldn't answer the "why".....why he couldn't walk away

    he could have......he had the means and the out. he was a ghost. he chose to stay and see it through. the "why" is the part that needed to play out. the "why" is what defined the role (in my opinion)
  6. the third best scene is where he catches his wife fuckin' another man, and he takes his TV

  7. What? Attacking the style? I actually was countering your arguments when you went off on 'omg, if it gives me enjoyment..' blah blah blah.

    wtf dude. You just make shit up to justify whatever is in your head. You have issues.

    I just pointed out where the conversation went. I made a point, you said prove it, I did, then you went off on some wild crazy tangent about how your version was right, which it isn't. And now you are even further deflecting the conversation by doing what you are accusing me of doing.

    Mort, help this guy out with some free treatment, would you?
  8. the why was clear...again its just the shootout with both guys are just inching around airport field, you see de niro, then pacino, then pacino's shadow, then de niro turning the other way, than pacino then de niro's shadow ... auuughhh seen that stupid interplay so many times at the end of cop movies...the "why" is great and we got the why before he ever went to the airfield

    also good, I also liked when they simply walked away from the heist leaving all their shit there, what pros

  9. i think at this point you both expect an argument from the other so whatever is said is interpreted as if it is inflammatory

    a circle jerk might help this
  10. i dont think it can count as a circle jerk if theres only two of them.

    Also, is that a legitimate therapy method? I question your credentials sir!
  11. Go ahead, call him a nurse, I dare you

  12. I hope for a decent discussion, and start as such, but I recognize that it will most likely devolve at some point. Recognizing that helps me bail when I see it devolve. Apparently this is seen as a bad thing
  13. only if he's a sexy nurse, and joins in to be the third party and make it a legitimate circlejerk

  14. modesty prevents me from revealing my full credentials.... especially since the school I went to is grouped based on a stupid plant that grows along the side of some of its retarded
  15. damn sexy, and I just plucked my nipple hair so I'm all ready
  16. :lol: it was a reference to the Werm argument.
  17. :lol:

    oh my god....
  18. mehhh start fresh, you both are actually fair arguers/conversationalists but at this point it seems like conditioning

    like after a few months of sitting next to this annoying guy at school, he could open his mouth to say hello and I'd take it as annoying

  19. :lolbow: oh..... well done!
  20. easy now