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Movie Favorites

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by eileenbunny, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Hate? The Wild & Wonderful Whites isn't about hate. It's a doc about a crazy ass, redneck family and how they live in the redneck state of West Virginia.
  2. No, not familiar with any of his other work. I'll check him out later, though.

  3. WTF is wrong with you? I wasn't being mean or inflammatory or anything at all. I actually put a lot of thought into the post so that it wasn't mean in the slightest. I guess I shouldn't bother with you because you seem to assume the worst no matter what I do. I was simply stating that you tell us like ONCE A WEEK how much you can't watch Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. We already know it because you've said it sooooo many times. So either you are trying to let us know you have the memory of an ant, or the attention span of a fish, or you are trying to tell us how much you think our taste sucks and how boring we are for liking those films. We get it already. Thanks for pointing it out AGAIN.

    And I do like some foreign films. Also, I like a lot of the films on your list and not once did I say you weren't entitled to your opinion or that you were wrong for liking any of them. I even commented earlier on how I thought it was a good list for the most part. All I said was that sci fi and fantasy obviously weren't your thing and that you did like drug movies and teen movies as evidenced by your list. I don't think there's anything wrong with making that connection. You are the one with the issue here. Back off.
  4. :heart:
  5. Back peddle much?

    In case you forgot, I don't need to mask a comment to get anything across! If I think you're gay for liking LOTR I'm just gonna say it! I'm not going to just say I can't watch it to try to insult your choices in movies. If I wanna say you're boring, I'll just say it!

    So yeah, I have the attention span of a fish. No problem. Cuz YA I have repeated that same shit about those movies 10000x, just don't take it upon yourself to assume that I'm hating on your choices. Cuz I'm not.

    Good day sir! I said good day!
  6. You bitches should just mud wrestle
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  8. Well then don't take it on yourself to assume I'm being rude or mean when I'm not trying to be. I say something benign or even nice and you come at me like a wrecking ball with name calling and everything. This isn't even the first time. You need to realize that I am not and never have been the internet troll that you can be. I don't really think it's funny or fun. It's boring and overdone and pointless.
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    I'd break you like the twig that you are! But can we please pudding wrestle instead? Mud is all dirty. Pudding is delicious at least.
  10. You'd end up licking each other. That could work.
  11. You have won my heart now Glenda (the good witch)

    Mmmmm pudding
  12. Dammit, now I want pudding. No wonder I'm a lard ass.
  13. :fly: combined we don't weigh as much as the FUPA dude.
  14. :cool:
  15. Then the interwebs are severely cereberally challenged. According to your Bizzaro world logic, since Felix Unger was portrayed by different actors, then Felix Unger is a title not a character from the world of James Bond.
  16. Felix Unger... from... The Odd Couple?
    What the fucking hell are you talking about?
  17. Slight brain fart, I meant Felix Leiter, Bond's CIA contact in the books and movies.
  18. Felix is a secondary couple, not important enough to worry about whether there is another Felix out there.

    The idea isn't that everyone in the series that has been played by more than one actor is a codename and not a person.
    However, even as I say that I realize that there are in series examples, in Skyfall they have two different M's.