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WTF What is the Creepiest Thing that Society Accepts as a Social Norm?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by APRIL, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. it's because nobody wants to fuck you

  2. can be good, only the creepy people are creepy

    these are very good answers...mimes especially

    and facebook stalking is ubercreepy

    these are also good

    I'd like to add

    Jeans with ass writing in 8-10 year old sizes
  3. I wish this was true, it would save me a ton of grief right now. :-(
  4. This isn't a joke, that's how parenthood is in real life.
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    People who refer to their parents in the 3rd person narrative. I find that creepy. I have a friend who refers to his mom by her name. When conversing with me or even in front of her.
    edit: to clarify, it makes it sound like the parent isn't the parent and just another person (i.e. no relationship, biological or otherwise).
  6. People who refer to themselves by name. At least DJBrenton thinks so.
  7. Girl I know had issues, was so anorexic that she lost enough weight for fur to grow on her as she didnt have enough fat to maintain body temp.
    The shrink her and her family went to suggested they all go to a first name basis.
  8. seriously? A lot of fur?

    Edit: pics?
  9. Don't have any pics, but it was a fine-downy type fur all over her body, on her cheeks, everything. After a quick google it's called Lanugo? Seems like it happens on newborns and cases of extreme malnutrition.

    She started down that path at 13-14 or so, she ended up at about 5'5" and under 80-something pounds. She lost so much weight that her menstrual cycle shut down, the funny thing about this (to me) is that now that she is almost 18, and about to go off to college, she wants to start having sex. Her vaj has literally shrunk so much that she cannot have sex.
  11. He gets Intel from fly. At least that's what he said in his PM.
  12. I keep wanting to say Drool but I'm pretty sure society doesn't accept him as the norm.
  13. Because she proudly talks about this shit.

    I didn't want to know that her and her mom (both of whom I despise) went and got Brazillians. But I do. And now you do too
  14. well, now we know that being supertrashy is genetic at least
  15. not necessarily. I'd wager that her environment and upbringing may be just as, if not more, relevant.
  16. Completely. She takes after her mother 100% which is sad, her pops is a great guy who is polite and a genuine pleasure to be around. Literally the only reason I hang out with them is to go see him.
  17. Lets post some hot anorexics.
  18. [​IMG]

    So hot right now.