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WTF What is the Creepiest Thing that Society Accepts as a Social Norm?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by APRIL, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. as well as "super-sized" anythings
  2. also paparazzi and gossip mags and tv shows
  3. I dont like drive-throughs. They make me uncomfortable for some reason. I always park and go inside. Its actually quicker most the time in general too i feel.
  4. both these, along with the above can indeed die in a fire.
  5. Plus you can better review your order for correctness.
  6. Fukn a
  7. and that fukin whole E! channel
  8. :high5:
  9. Drive throughs are awesome when you have kids though, such a pain to drag them all out of the car.
  10. this makes sense. But i also dont think ill be feeding my kids fast food if i ever have any.
  11. You assume my children eat from a drove through.
  12. True. I like going inside places. I usually don't have any food/drink in the car though. Gotta keep it nice.
  13. lol, k
  14. i don't feed my son fast food, but my wife does sometimes.
  15. I grew up perfectly fine without it. I had fast food a grand total of maybe 4 times before the age of 18.
  16. It just amuses me when people say this.

    *four years after the kid pops out*
    "No timmy... no dont stick that fork in that socket.... noooo.... timmmmyyyyy.... noooooo." *opens beer, changes channel*
  18. Kids gotta learn, bro. Learning by doing is the best way.

  19. nah, thats the second kid. First kid they swallow a penny you rush them to the ER, second one, you just tell them its coming out of their allowance. (this was a joke)
  20. I'm smart enough to not have kids.