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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. the only ep of community i watched was the trampoline episode. honestly liked it, not sure why i don't watch it.
  2. Community it worth watching just for allison brie
  3. This. There are some many great episodes. The first paint ball one is one of the best moments ever on TV.
  4. Sarcasmo's all-time must watches:

    1. Breaking Bad
    2. Mad Men
    3. Louie
    4. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    5. Rescue Me
    6. Curb Your Enthusiasm
    7. Arrested Development
    8. Band of Brothers
    9. The Wire
    10. The Office (US)
    11. Firefly
  5. I like Elementary and the new cast on CSI actually got better than a few years ago
  6. The paintball one was HILARIOUS!!!

    Omg I liked the Halloween one and when Chevy Chase was in sailing class and his classmates drowned him. -dead-
    That show is so funny.
  7. Breaking Bad is coming back July 14th for the final 8 eps.
  8. :furry:
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    How about their AMC cohorts The Walking Dead? Can you believe it is now the highest rated show on TV? All TV, networks included. Crazy shit.
    Turner passed on it. :waw:
  10. OMG YAAAAY!!
  11. It appears TNT doesn't really know drama as well as they think they do.
  12. I fucking despise those "black shows" you guys play. Like I've never watched one and I refuse to watch them, but just the commercials alone make me want to smash my TV and rip my eyeballs out.

    Last black show I saw was fresh prince when I was a kid.

    But those medea type shows are just fucking horrid.
  13. I don't watch any of that shite either. The biggest offender lives here too. Tyler Perry. At least he employs a lot of people locally to produce the shit.
  14. That's him!!! Tyler perry or whatever!! Omg I despise him and his retarded movies + shows.

    He keeps the stereotype ALIVE with black people putting braids on, eating friend chicken, having cook outs and snapping their fingers saying WUT MEE SAY GYAL!

    Fucking hate that shit!
  15. There actually are a number of black people like that in Atlanta. :lol:
  16. when im in atlanta i always feel like im gonna come back home with gold teeth and a rap video under my belt OR raped and murdered.
  17. Our murder rate is currently the lowest it's been since the early 60's. Also felonies are down to the lowest seen since 1969. Go Atlanta!
  18. Omg Louie CK on netflix is killing me right now!! :lolbow:
    He's fucking hilarious!
  19. Kevin Hart

    PINEAPPLES. :lolbow: ahahahahahahhaaaaa
  20. Louie CK is awesome.