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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. I have no doubt they will be.
  2. Hey did you know they shot some of that in Atlanta?
  3. No, I was unaware. Fascinating! Tell me more?
  4. :lol:

  5. would have been better for everyone if andrea had gotten nibbled on

  6. they are shaping up for big shootout, but i don't see it actually going that way.
  7. Andrea should have shot the gov after sex a couple weeks ago. This was a testament to women equating sex with love. /ducks
  8. Someone key in the story will die. No question.
  9. hysterical Anger Management tonight.
  10. Despise that show. Terrible.
  11. Charlie Sheen just needs to go away. His media over-saturation is to the point where people would only shrug if he were to die tomorrow.
  12. TSRH !!!!!!
  13. Gf and I just started watching Shameless.
    Pretty good show, but Frank is a cock.
  14. Man he sure is creepy looking.

    I was all set to buy a Fiat 500 Abarth until I saw him doing the commercial with his skeevy haircut.
  15. That sucked.

    That really, really, really sucked.
  16. I called that shit like Babe Ruth. It was more like hitting it out of the park in t-ball though. :fly:
    Of course someone had to die. But HIM?
  17. Darryls fixin to go all rambo on the Gov
  18. I'm calling it now.

    The WD season 3 finale will create a nerd rage that will rival Walkers as which may be a bigger scourge on humanity.

    The cataclysmic epic showdown fight everyone is expecting won't happen. The woodbury fucks will roll into the prison, find it empty, save a big fuckton of captured walkers they stuck inside as a reverse trojan horse. In the meantime, the prison got abandoned, they sneak into a defenseless woodbury, grab Andrea and the Four Eyed Nerd Guy, and drive off to someplace new.

    And the viewing world will erupt in rage.
  19. As suggested on the Talking Dead a couple weeks ago, I think it will be an Andrea and Michonne tag team.
  20. The trailers basically gave this away.