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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Tell me Duke...what does fly's asshole taste like today?
  2. You know, I miss your regular morning posts of how you are in a bitchy mood, hate your job, hate your co-workers, and can't wait to quit in anger. They were like clockwork.
  3. I miss your odes to the sea. :( :( :(
  4. Raylon's back to killing fools every episode again. Good times.
  5. I love how he dropped that cop with half a mag. Just kept shooting until he was horizontal.

    "wait, did you just give me an order?"

  6. The best line was 'Oh man I hope I got that right' after the cop/hitman dropped.
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    Nooooo we all know who's knee deep in @fly asshole making himself comfy, making it his permanent home and it's not @Wessels
  8. Why did no one tell mecpougar twon is awsome It rules!1
  9. Also, the US version of Shameless is waaaay better than the UK version.
  10. Big Brother Canada finally started. I miss Julie Chin-Chan-Wong-Tong :(
  11. Just watched all of Cougar Town in like 2 days - awesome!!
  12. That show started out great and then fell off a cliff so fast. Once it basically got cancelled and moved to TBS.
  13. Awww when did it get cancelled and moved
  14. It started to go down hill fast at the end of season three. Then ABC dropped it and TBS picked it up.
  15. Yeah I noticed the end of season 3 was a bit blah
  16. Has anyone seen the United States of Tara ?

    Or something like that?
  17. Same concept as the other show we were discussing. It started great but fell fast and then then cancelled.
  18. booooo, i have it here on Netflix and was thinking about starting to watch it.

    I love COMMUNITY tho!! omg thank u netflixxxx
  19. I've yet to watch Community but have been watching Talk Soup for decades. Joel McHale has been the host for years. Love it and the gf hates it. Before him was Aisha Tyler(awesome, was a guest on Talking Dead just last night), John Henson(awesome, has been one of the hosts of Wipeout since it started. Also the 2nd host of Talk Soup and owns the franchise), and it was started by Greg Kinnear.