Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be


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Oct 29, 2004
Arrow - Based on the DC comics character Green Arrow. Almost through season one, it's a brilliant show. Gritty, good action, mostly likable cast (there are some people I keep hoping they'll kill off), great storyline.

Falling Skies - Alien race invades Earth and nearly wipes us out, the show is about the survivors fighting back. Season 3 starts up in a few months. The show takes a few episodes to really "dig in", I didn't care for the first episode when I watched it originally, but it's amazing.

Banshee - New Cinemax "drama" about an ex-con who becomes a small town's sheriff (not in the way you'd think). This show is very much NOT kid (and some adults) friendly. Graphic, vulgar, violent, it's just delightful. Mark my words this will be the next Dexter that everyone talks about it in a few years. Mid-way through the first season.

Archer - "Adult" cartoon on FX. Utterly hilarious, quick witted, with multi-layered humor. One of my favorites that just started back into season 4.

Others that I'm missing?
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Spartacus just started up again. Damn that's a good show.

How Sci-Fi is Falling Skies, cause I hate that genre?

No, it's not.

Falling Skies is fairly scifi, but it's more based on the human struggle and what the characters go through. You might like it if you give it a chance.


I thought about adding this one, as I enjoy it, but it's fairly popular and this season overall has been a yawn-fest.
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Behind Mansion Walls

That show with the rude/funny English dude that goes around the world nitpicking food and culture. :lol:
Falling Skies is fairly scifi, but it's more based on the human struggle and what the characters go through.

If I want to watch stylized violence I'll just watch the 300.

If I want to watch porn I'll just watch porn.

I've just made Spartacus pointless.

If I want to watch aliens I'll watch Aliens. If I want to watch characters wading through existentialism and the human condition I'll watch The Walking Dead.

I've just made Falling Skies pointless.
Happy Endings and The New Normal are both funny shows. I also like watching Comic Book Men for mindless viewing. But by far the best is Portlandia.