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GAY How to be fit -OR- How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Salad

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. I am pretty sure he said he has a gluten allergy. He physically cannot have most carbs.
    Sorta screws up your body chemistry argument
  2. In my specific case, yes, but I wasn't factoring that into my argument.

    I go for a very lean/muscle look with enough cardio to give me some level of endurance and agility, which is what I personally consider "fit". If eating carbs and drinking works into whatever your fitness goals are, knock yourself out, I'm always open to hearing other solutions.

    Again, what I posted just happens to work for me and gives me the results I want.
  3. BF says when he was training he had tons of carbs and protein

    /ex-personal trainer
  4. I've seen enough. Fucken commie. :)
  5. Reasons to hate Ghost:
    -No alcohol
    -Turkey Bacon
    -Is a prick
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    k, so I guess I'm unclear what your goal here is. Are you trying to prove me wrong, and that the diet and exercise routine I choose to follow WON'T get you in shape? Or.....what?
  7. - I never said I don't drink alcohol, I love my whiskey, but if you're serious about losing weight it should be one of the first things you ditch for a while. I firmly believe that.

    - Turkey bacon is fine

    - Entirely subjective
  8. :lol:
  9. I understand, but considering how many carbs come from plants and shit, saying a low-carb diet will kill you is a bit silly.

  10. wat @ this entire statement
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    I wish I could post a routine like that, but I don't stick to shit! This will change once the weather gets out of this arctic freeze next week! :D

    I could post what my "diet" (hate that word!) kinda looks like, (typically):


    1 hard boiled egg
    1/2 multi grain bagel w/peanut butter
    1/4 of sliced apple

    Lunch may be:

    Salad greens with various vegetation & chicken
    I get full off of that...

    Snack may be:
    -More than likely candy or chocolate. (hey, I'm not gonna liieee)
    And/or celery (or apple slices), with a bit of peanut butter
    -Handful of some sort of nuts maybe

    Dinner for me typically never includes pasta because it gives me the crazies, kills my intestines, & acts like a tranquilizer. So, even tho I'd make this for the household, I don't eat it. I very, very rarely eat red meat. In fact, in winter when I don't grill out, I don't eat any at all.

    Dinners are usually pretty light for me. So, I just grab something like steamed brown rice with some carrots or something very lowfat. I do this because I stay up so late & I tend to snack then, too. So, if I load myself up on a hearty dinner, then the snacking will be low, too. If I keep dinner really light, then I don't feel too guilty about snacking on candy or chocolate later at night. Moderation.

    Oh and most of what I make is organic & fresh. I don't do canned anything, besides jarred past sauces. I keep high fructose corn syrup and shit like that out of the house.

    That is all!
  12. Greens are naturally low or no carb foods. So, what plants are you referring to?
  13. Nope, just that there's no right or wrong, everyone has a completely different diet to get/stay in shape.
  14. Gluten is a protein, not a carb. And there are a sh*tload of carbs that have nothing to do with gluten. Sorta screws up your face. POW
  15. And in the original statement, nothing was said of green, just in hers, which I quoted, asking what has high carbs because greens do not. You follow?
  16. Whelp, this thread has become tedious.
  17. abs cramping up is the worst feeling ever