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GAY How to be fit -OR- How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Salad

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Why are you intimidated? I mean, I can't see you bulking up and doing massive weight or anything.

    I need to find a decent gym near me. I hate every one near me (what the fuck is the fad for "lunk alarms" now? You're going to get pissed at someone working to better themselves?)
  2. Yeah, but from more than 5ft away all you know is thinnnn :nev:
  3. We do this fasting thing... all meals are restricted into an 8 hour window during the week. (Skipping breakfast works well with this) We eat normally, regular healthy meals, none of this caloric restriction crap. Then on the weekend we keep it to about 400 calories per day.

    After about 3 weeks all cravings went away, and we all lost a little pudge. We have noticed more energy during the day and we seem to sleep better.

    Best part is that we don't have to eat like birds or give up booze and stuff.
  4. I dated a smoker for a very brief time, God no.
  5. And stinky. After quitting smoking, I find the stench revolting on my clothes.
  6. Fortunately I haven't quit so I don't notice.

    Cigarette smokers stink to me, the smell is very overbearing. However roll ups are much more subtle.
  7. Roll ups?

    Fruit roll ups?
  8. Well derr, what else do you smoke?
  9. My pops rolls his own cigarettes. Whenever he is around a group of people that he hasn't met before they all sorta stare at him as he's rolling one, eventually someone sidles up to him and asks for a hit. He just offers to roll them one.
    Then he grins when they take a huge drag of an unfiltered cigarette
  10. Werd, I've had quite a few Americans come up and say to me 'if you smoked that on the American streets you'd be arrested young lady!' and I'm like 'what...for a cigarette?' and they look confused.
  11. Not really, no.

    Of course, leave it to you bad influence bitches to get me to unleash the drunk beast last weekend.
  12. Anyone that would come up to you and say that is a fukn idiot anyways.
  13. It's sad that a thread with good intentions got ruined by someone with their own incorrect and wrong agenda yet again.
  14. Well... I did say they were American.

  15. Yeah, Cletus is such a derailer.
  16. We lost weight when we started the running club at a bar. Beer isn't so bad for you nor is anything in moderation.

    Wheat beer especially.
  17. Yeah, I pretty much don't care any more.
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  18. I used to roll my own also, had a snuff kit I carried at all times. It was like a checkbook but smaller. Papers and fire went on one side and the other had a pouch for your tobacco with a zipper closure. I used to be able to twist one up while driving. Unfiltered is quite different for sure, catches a lot of people off guard.
    LOL. People don't hand roll cigs in the states. Too lazy.

    I was pulled over for smoking a joint because the cop thought my cig was weed. Searched my car and everything, he was pissed he wasn't able to ticket me
  19. We're lazy too, but cigs cost far too much these days to be affordable for most people so everyones on the roll ups now.
  20. Yeah, it was weird. No real change in our diets but we've both lost weight since starting World of Beer two to three times a week.