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GAY How to be fit -OR- How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Salad

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. lol! Even I go mixed up on that.
  2. Okay Kyle - back on topic. How hard was it to change diet etc. altogether? I know once you get into it it's okay but what kind of things motivated you to change things? I want to start a new, healthier diet next week but it's just so eaten to shove something in the oven and not cook.
  3. I did not know there was a spurious edit! We hath been decieved!
  4. Nope. If you negate the know it all, and I'm finding it very helpful. Please don't give up on it yet.
  5. it made more sense in my head, :lol: lemme try again:
    the way I took it was:
    -asa said veggies could be high carb (no mention of color/green here)
    -you said not green ones, so what ones are you talking about?
    -I posted ones that answer your question;
    ---your question was what veggies are you talking about which are high in carbs, not what green veggies.
    -------(while the latter may have been your intent, the actual question you asked made no mention of color).
  6. dangit, no, applesauce DID say green, but the post SHE quoted, from asa, did not.
  7. Just stay away from black vegetables and you're alright guise.
  8. Call a dietician. They can be found in every single hospital in the country, and oftentimes they are hot females. They will give you the lowdown on what a fucking carb is, and all kinds of other useful info on how not to be a fat asshole. Or a skinny asshole. Did I mention they are often hot females?
  9. You're making me wish I had made this Ontopic, which I try to never do.
  10. I was told there wouldn't be racism on this forum.
  11. I asked you an ontopic question like 5 minutes ago :mad:
  12. Must've missed it in all of the nitpicking.
  13. If you stopped nitpicking your thread wouldn't be such a fail Kyle!!11

    Annyway answer my question
  14. Annnnnd, I'm done.
  15. Explaining the difference between proteins and carbs in a fitness/dieting thread isn't nitpicking. It's like explaining the difference between water and soil in a farming thread. It's pretty fucking important.
  16. Answer my question serious sidney!
  17. He mentioned plants. As soon as I read that, I immediately thought, greens.

    So, as I said, most greens are pretty much low or no carb. And I wanted to know what plants he meant. Then end! :fly:
  18. Low carb diets track net carbs, not total carbs.
    Plants have a lot of carbs with a lot of fiber, so a very low net-carb count.
  19. I never said gluten was a carb?
  20. You're either stating that:

    1. Gluten is a carb, or
    B. Gluten somehow has a direct relationship with most carbs.

    In both cases you are:

    4. Wrong.


    L. Shut the fuck up.