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Thread Article: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Sarcasmo, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. You'd probably be shocked how many illiterate people there are. Although I suppose a teacher would not be. Most people who are actually illiterate try to find ways of people not finding out and getting round it. An acquaintance (well, two of them actually!) of mine for example pretends that he 'can't be bothered' to read his text messages and asks a trusted friend to reply to them. In reality this just covers for the fact they can't actually read at any kind of realistic adult level.

    Regardless of numbers, these people exist, and they're part of the 'class' of people you like to feel better than.
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    We have adult reading programs, they can still turn their lives around. Takes a bit of effort.

    I also bet a very small portion of our welfare recipients are illiterate. Kids are required to go to school (for free!) until they are 16. Something should get absorbed in that time.
  3. So, I think Enemy is just trolling us this morning, unless she honestly believes that all of us are Mitt Romney.

    Fly & Plot from broken homes. I spend some time homeless and out of work. Ghost and myself accomplishing what we have without degrees.

    All of us have worked, real work, to get what we have. We have earned it not from entitlement, but from going out and getting it. To call us 'privileged' shows how easily you bandy terms about to try and inflame.

    Yup, those 2.25 million people per year sure absorbed a lot!
  5. Crazy. How many of those were born and raised in the US?
  6. Equating this group to any reflection of the world on the whole is like polling 5 people living under the same roof.
  7. If you don't think people are illiterate checkout free ad sites sometimes, you can barely read whatever shit they've typed out. It's tragic.

  8. Now you have the Hispanic Minority posting it. ;)
  9. If you read the article

  10. There is no excuse for any adult in any first world country to be illiterate unless they are blind or simple. Your friend isn't trying, he is just comfortable being dependent on others which is a lot like some of "poor" we have here.

    What I'm trying to say is that your friend is no better than a lazy American. :fly:
  11. Just because our token black guys don't post often, doesn't mean we aren't an accurate reflection of society. :tinfoil:
  12. Doesn't quite say, but 1 million high school drop outs, and 20% of high school graduates. You'd have to dig into how many high school students were born and raised in the US
  13. Thats insane, Ive never met anyone that couldnt read or write.
  14. Yay for no child left behind.

    That should be Fly's motto.
  15. I don't think there's a conceivable reason for your blind ignorance and lack of compassion, but then everyone's entitled to their opinion. Funny how people who say the world isn't fair and nobody is equal like to deny it when they want to pretend everyone has the same opportunities in life.
  16. So 1 in 6 adult Americans can't read? :lol:

    Seems grossly inflated unless the entire south can't read.
  17. My best friend can, but not at a level he feels very comfortable with. It's why I was so worried about his son learning early
  18. I find that shocking since you live right next to Louisiana and Mississippi. I live right next to Alabama and Tennessee though.
  19. You're giving the South too much credit.
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    So first finances were to blame, but now race is? Excuses excuses excuses. How many black people do you think were born into low income families and are now solidly middle or upper class?

    It's interesting that when people pick apart the "self made" phenomenon they ignore the successes and focus instead on the failures. "Look at all of the people who have never tried to better themselves, still living in squalor! What about the obstacles they face?" They use those people as examples of how the system doesn't work. The failures face the exact same obstacles the others did, and yet somehow the others don't count. Why? What is it about the people who have struggled and worked and succeeded that makes them inappropriate examples of the state of social affairs in America?

    The same thing that makes people ignore the successes of a president from the other party. No matter what Bush did well, Democrats will revile him. Same for Obama and the Republicans. People focus on the details that support their arguments and ignore the totality of the other position. It's basically what makes religion work.