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Thread Article: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Sarcasmo, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Good.

    Stay out of my way, I'll stay out of yours.
  2. You and everyone else on this side of the argument are convinced there are 100s of millions of people out there leaching off the system when in reality it's something like less than 5% in total for all people regardless of intentions. We give vastly more away in tax breaks to big companies. Why isn't that the issue instead? All our woes would be fixed overnight right there with proper enforcement.
  3. And they they provide a ton of foreign aid to the rest of the world, not to mention, they're military budget is gigantor too! LOL

    The real reason they're above the US is because prostitution is totally accepted there.
  4. I'm sure some are better than others at record keeping, but with the amount of money we spend - we should be #1 and the next closest country should be ranked #1 5.
  5. GOD DAMNED MUFFINS! If it weren't for them we could do something about this problem.
  6. I think most people do have an issue with this. The causes a whole other thread though... it's not as simple as get rid of tax breaks, because cities/states are eager to hand them out to get companies to relocate there.
  7. No, there are some aspects of our healthcare I can't bitch about. Until Obamacare, my biggest concern was getting a different job because of that shit. I would have been hard to insure because of that grand-daddy of a pre-existing condition. But the fact that i was up and mobile in less than 4 days after something like that can't be ignored, and the fact that they didn't even need to create a giant hole in the back of my skull (pull back a lot of skin, sure, but the entry point through the bone was small) I'm still amazed by.

    Some of our medical tech is fucking impressive. Cyberknife for radiology is god damned futuristic tech.
  8. It's much easier to just hate on those worse off than you. Nobody wants to swap with them. If they have it so good why don't you want to live their lives? Why is nobody here dropping out and living on welfare? If it's so cushy then why?

    People want to be those company owners with all that money, they'd swap their lives then, and they'd do the same kind of bullshit tactics to keep their money they don't need, because the more you have the more entitled you feel to it. Recent studies show this, so people want to talk about entitlement? Maybe they should look at Time magazine to get some tips on it instead of trying to roll their shit downhill.
  9. Not sure of your point on this. Are you saying we should be okay with having a less than top notch health care system so we can continue to funnel money to foreign countries and have foreign wars?
  10. Honestly I've thought about it, but at the end of the day while being on welfare means you don't have to do shit it also means you're never going to be able to enjoy certain aspects of life. I work hard solely for those additional comforts.

  11. Because we were raised correctly.
  12. I don't think you can beat our high end, there's a reason rich people around the world flock here for major surgeries. It's our low end/preventative maintenance and price which lowers our overall ratings.

    Also our culture of overeating and not exercising doesn't help us at all, but I'm not sure actual health problems play into the rankings.
  13. Like self respect, or accomplishment..
  14. Yeah, that too, I guess.
  15. Right. So life wouldn't be so nice to live off welfare then.

    ETA: Look, it's Zac:
  16. WRONG. The fact remains that, much like Obie said you can't fix the homeless by creating a law that requires people to have homes, you can't fix the healthcare system by creating one law for everyone. If he had 1/2 a brain, he'd have created a tiny 12 month medical program for the pre-existing condition people that would let them segue back into mainstream insurance, and #, outlaw pre-existing condition clauses for ins co's. That, combined with no maximums, and a gov't controlled cost pool (instead of ins co's holding single payers hostage and giving large groups huge breaks) and he could have wrapped up healthcare.

    A company has never waltzed into a business and written a check. Any tax break that a "company" gets gets is reflected in someone's income from that company. Your example has never made any sense just like a mortgage deduction doesn't help mortgages, it helps the person who has the fucking mortgage and the people who build homes.
  17. If life on welfare were some horrible existence there wouldn't be so many people living off of it.

    You aren't starving, you aren't cold, you aren't without necessity. You just don't have a fine Assassin's Creed sweatshirt and a Boba Fett hat in the closet.
  18. You've show your cards, teapartier.
  19. Another display of brilliant privilege.

    I imagine the mentally unstable vets in your country could just get up one day and choose to hold down a full time job so they don't live off welfare. I imagine the illiterate children of prostitutes could always just get up one day, get a job application and work their way up to being home owners and respectable business people. Sure is easy being poor.
  20. I think you're view of how many illiterate children of prostitutes we have is a bit skewed...