Thread Article: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us


Lot's Salty Wife
Nov 16, 2010
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I was insinuating that you've "Dated" like 14,000 dudes, and out of those 14000 three have won the lottery, thus invalidating statistics, as the percentage of winners in the lottery is statistically comparable to the numbers of dudes you've "dated" who have won the lottery out of the entire "dating" pool.

By putting quotes around dating, im insinuating that you're a prostitute.

ya domon, like ive dated 14,000. i was married for 10 glorious years ... welllll married for 3 and together for 10. anyhoooooooooooooooo you're funny......

You and the current meat bat have broken up before, I thought...
yeah but for a few days then its back on, i mean like a full break up where we move on and stuff... yeah, i dont do that.

It's not an official breakup until there's a restraining order involved.

lol werd!