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WTF What is the Creepiest Thing that Society Accepts as a Social Norm?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by APRIL, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Of course, but its still pretty weird if you think about it.
  2. Maybe you can get a spoon and eat my ass.
  3. Ftfy
  4. Dear Chasey Lain, I wrote to explain...
  5. I have to use a spoon?
  6. Yes, but to ME, letting yourself go to resemble a small cow is beyond me. How its ok to throw a moo-moo on your disgusting body and just venture out there like its nothing is so wrong in my eyes. How people just accept to live their lives like that is beyond me.
  7. Now show em those titties!
  8. fyi, this is a test. If you will eat apes ass with a spoon you are in. If not, you probably aren't a good fit for this place.

    I recommend using a large wooden spoon.
  9. Ok. I'll do it. I found a spoon in the back of my desk drawer. Doesn't look to be the cleanest. Hope you don't mind? I just want to be accepted...please let me eat your ass with a spoon..please!?
  10. Youll need to comb it out first , to actually get to the eatable bits.
  11. 1. Child pageants. Holy fuckballs, what are we doing to ourselves?
    2. Papparazzi. When you can actually make a living watching other people, our race is too creepy to continue being alive.
  12. I stole it from, I think, American Pie 2.

    Fists work just as well.
    I agree, trying to be healthy seems like the happier choice.
    Would you suck dick for coke?
    You have not passed this test yet why the fuck are you still posting here?

    *unzips pants*
  13. You would get a gravy were I on an actual computer
  14. "Doesn't look to be the cleanest." The spoon or her ass?
  15. Thiiiiis
  16. Thinking its ok to leave the stall with ass matter on the seat or streaks in the bowl. Fucking gross. Maybe not society as a whole, but happens all the time where I work.
  17. I gravyed for you.
  18. You must be a woman.
  19. This is acceptable
  20. +1 on leaving the seat clean.

    How would one prevent leaving a skid mark inside the bowl? I for sure am not sticking anything into the water of a public toilet.