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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Anyone into Arrow? Sherlock? (although that ended recently) Defiance? I haven't watched that last one but heard it's good.

    Our Monday Nude TV night is featuring True Blood and Dexter until those series end. Looking to fill Monday nights with other interesting shows when those finish up. Thoughts?
  2. Defiance is not good. Super low quality acting, sfx, etc
  3. :shifty:

  4. Rectify is apparently from some of the producers of Breaking Bad. I finally remembered the name of it so I could check it out. Gets good reviews on IMDB.
  5. and The Walking Dead marathon begins....
  6. Tell us when you start season 2 !!!!!
    Then I'll jump in to watch with you
  7. Defiance is 'kinda' growing on me. I want to like it, but there isn't a single likeable character in the entire show. The story itself, however, seems to be going somewhere.

    That being said, I'd be okay with being the meat in a Stephanie Leonidas/Jaime Murray sandwich.
  8. I think today is just season 1 :(
  9. Oh perfect ... I work 2morrow... Booooo
  10. need to call off then!
  11. Watched it
    Excellent show
  12. Just watched the first show. Twas good.
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    Started Top of the Lake last night on Netflix. It's a 7-part miniseries featuring Elizabeth Moss (Peggy on Mad Men) as a detective in New Zealand with a vaguely English accent (hey, marks for trying) searching for a missing pregnant 12 year old.

    Weird show, but I like it. After 30 minutes it was very easy to draw comparisons to The Killing and Twin Peaks. A lot of really strange characters and behavior and a sort of dismal, overcast feel to the entire production. There are a lot of things in this show that don't quite make sense, though, for example how a suspect can attempt to murder a police detective with a shotgun but then no one bothers to arrest or even question him later. And how blasé New Zealand cops are about crime in general.

    After three episodes and a lot of very nuanced conversations and behavior I feel like a lot was cut out during editing. I find myself scrambling to fill in plot holes and drawing lots of inferences, and it feels like Moss' character should be more familiar to us than she is. Overall, though, it's worth checking out. I'm a bit of a sucker for character examinations, and there is plenty to go around here. Not to mention it presents a side of New Zealand few people have probably ever seen: that of the Kiwi redneck and working classes.
  14. This sounds good!!!
  15. So the story has plot holes like swiss cheese. Yeah, no thanks.
  16. Has anyone seen Drunk History on Comedy Central? Last night they had Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad and Kenneth from 30 Rock in a bit together.