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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. I have it on the DVR I'm waiting till this weekend to watch it.
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    @APRIL did you know Luther started again? Only 4 eps this season too. Welcome to British life.
  3. REEAAALLYYY? YAY! I love that show.
  4. Started last week, second ep was on Tuesday. Get downloading!!!

    It totally shit me up too :lol: I was paranoid all last night everytime I heard a weird noise. :lol:
  5. :heart:

    Gosh, scary stuff too? EEEKKKKK
  6. Watching Naked and Afraid for the first time. I can't believe what an absolute wimp this Cliff guy is on this episode.
  7. Orange is the New Black is sooo good.
  8. Is it????? I've been curious about this show
  9. I watched the first episode and thought it was pretty good
    Will continue to watch
  10. So, I checked out the series premiere of 'The Bridge'..

    It's got potential. I'll have to see how annoying the 'maybe she has aspergers' personality trait of Alice Kruegers character is. But I think the premise is pretty good.
  11. So how terrible is Under The Dome?
  12. Its very entertaining if you like Weeds you will like this show.
  13. I love Weeds! She always has cute clothes on.
  14. attempt at appearing to be a girl effort rating: 6/10
  15. So the Newsroom is back.
  16. Never saw weeds, I remember my exHusb loving it.... He said it was really good
  17. I felt the first ep was over very quickly
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    C'mon October...

  19. Okay I just d/ld Walking Dead S01 seeing as you guys don't shut up about it.

    It better be worth the hype.