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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Stupid pelicans have no regard for personal space.
  2. For the GOT fans

  3. I can't stop watching parks and rec right now. First season is awful which is why I never bothered with it a long time ago, but I forced myself through it and now I've been rewatching them all constantly.
  4. STFU about parks and rec. I am NOT going to watch it!
  5. It's pretty funny!!! Community is fucking hilarious too
  6. Community is goddamn terrible now though. The first season was good and then right into the shitter with lots of nonhumorous type stuff.
  7. Well the original guy ( writer creator ) from season one is coming back next season I hear
  8. Anyone watch Ray Donovan?
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    I'm trying nip/tuck again! I'm going to try and watch the show even if it kills me!!

  10. :lol: Man, I don't know why you're having a hard time getting into it. It's an excellent show.
  11. Lol I dunno :lol:
    So far so good. S1/E3
    I must say tho, the wife, Julie McNamara played by Joely Richardson is a boring and lame character to me. I think she's fugly as fuck too.
    They could have cast a better actress.
  12. Walking Dead marathon on AMC July 4th thru 7th, YAY!!!
  13. Omg I need to watch thiiiiis
  14. Awesome show!! I know what I'll be doing when I'm not out and about this weekend!
  15. I've seen it, I love it! But I'm a few episodes short
  16. I actually never watched the show until i caught one of these marathons a few years back. I just happened to turn it on as the very first episode was starting and I was instantly hooked!
  17. It's so good
  18. lol

    You're short
  19. You've always been a few episodes short of a full show.