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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. I watched the first season, and then was like "meh" and stopped.
  2. Just remember, it's about the human interaction with others, not about killing zombies.
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    Season 1 sucked ass.
  4. Yeah, by far the worst season. It was so bad that I gave up watching season 2. By the time season 3 rolled around, I got tired of hearing about it and caught up. It was worth it.
  5. I thought WD was all right. It's not Dexter, Dowton Abbey, Newsroom, Luther, or BB15.
  6. Newsroom makes me feel like shooting Aaron Sorkin, the weak ass piece of shit. He had his limelight with The West Wing and he sucked at writing female characters in that too, now he continues this trend with this obvious, preaching POS show which somehow got renewed for a second season (of which the first episode was utter shite with very little thought into the writing). OMG DONT GET ME STARTED ON THAT SHIT SHOW!!111111

    Downton still rules though, as does Luther. Dexter bores me now, as does Sons of Anarchy, but maybe I'm just losing patience with shows who have loads of seasons. I think I'm gonna rewatch all of Treme.
  7. Aaron Sorkin. Female characters. Blah, blah, blah. Internet drivel. Tjkfls fdijos fdsioiijkfd jdsk. Fallujah.
  8. I see I have been demoted to 'internet drivel' rather than someone who sees awful flaws in someones writing repetoire. Interesting how of course there's nothing wrong with his writing of female parts, except everyone realised his sniveling, annoying portrayal of a blonde chick bombed in the first season so he immediately introduces some victim who hacked off her hair and dyed it another colour in an attempt (which will, I predict, fail) to revive a shitty character. Internet drivel. I'm sure.
  9. Just finishing up the last couple of episodes of GoT S3, can't imagine what they will do for the next few seasons as virtually fuck all happens in the books :lol:
  10. I don't think anything bombed in the first season, so your suggestion of 'everyone' is clearly wrong.

    edit: But fwiw, I've heard that parroted all over the internet.
  11. Everyone is parroting it on the internet. It must be false!!

    And as for nothing bombing, the whole Maggy character is a joke. Which is why he's tried (and will fail) to change it. Just like he did with countless female characters in The West Wing who switched and changed from season to season. The only character who he fully rounded was based on being hopeless in love (awww...such a lovely female stereotype) mixed in with butch masculinity, which obviously he finds easier to write. I would just appreciate it if he got a writer on board with him who could compliment his weaknesses in order to make an almost faultless show is all.
  12. You said everyone thinks the character sucks. I can prove that isn't true. April and I love the show and have no problems with the characters. Sometimes you should just relax and enjoy things.
  13. It's hard to enjoy things when someone fails entirely at certain elements of writing. Otherwise I find the show quite passe and preachy, although I imagine why to an American it has novelty value considering most of the content is quite 'edgy' and liberal, but to Europeans it's just every day life. Also the first episode had no wit in it at all, and the characters constantly spoke over each other. If not being able to understand a full sentence due to too many voices is the new 'thing', I'm out. It's nice to have a national soapbox, but come the fuck on. Snoorrreee.
  14. This season looks great!
  15. The fuck?
  16. Then you should stop watching it. I agree.
  17. No I'm going to continue watching it so I can spew more vitriol about his immature shite.
  18. I want to know what is everyday life for europeans and not us
  19. :nev: so glad you are posting again!!
  20. Common sense. :lol: