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NSFW The Exercise Thread

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Amstel, May 14, 2014.

  1. Did 3000 yd. in the pool today, the biggest set of which was minutemen (they're 50 yd. swims that start at a 1:00 interval, and subtract a second for each successive one). I made it to 30 those before I busted the interval, which beat out everyone else in the pool by a couple.
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  2. Bravo, that's very impressive.. I'd be willing to bet that if you totalled up all of the swimming I've ever done it wouldn't be 3,000 frickin yards.
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  3. 90min sweatfest of a ride this morning bricked with an hour run. 18 days until ironman.
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  4. Fuckin' rocked a stroke workout today. 3500 yd. in an hour, with a 400IM in the middle for good fun.
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  5. I had a 3000yd session in the pool this morning. My shoulder is angry with me. It has been since last Friday. Still finished in 53min. Bleh.
  6. I've been experiencing knee pain on extended breaststroke stints.

    Gotta figure out what I'm doing wrong that's making that flare up.
  7. Mine started when I had my wetsuit workout. I think I overworked the shoulder joint with the foreign feeling of the suit. And of course subsequent workouts have just angered it.
  8. 57 mile morning on the first weekend of taper.

  9. @Jehannum ’s nightmare Monday

    2400yd swim with EVERY LANE taken up by ironman triathletes :fly:

    That’s it? Tuesday

    60min at IM race pace on the bike, 30min run brick.

    A small swim, bike and run are all that stand between me and Louisville right now. Damn.
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  10. how many times did they beat you in the head with their arms and keep swimming.

    Bonus: how many times were you kicked?
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  11. 1

    And twice
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  12. I love Ironman triathletes.

    I swim up behind them, grab an ankle, then the waistband of the suit, then the shoulder, then I'm over and on my way.
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  13. Two swim sessions I’ve done recently were long course outdoor pool, dress rehearsal swims. Wetsuit, full IM breakfast, etc. My swim coaches both swam in the same lane as me, flanking me, and basically making a gauntlet and doing things like splashing me as I turned to breathe, ripping my goggles and swim cap off, kicking and hitting me, and so on. It was super helpful to get those sessions in to just get desensitized to being beaten up in the water.
  14. Two of the swimmers there are all-world swimmers and IM AWAs
  15. :lol:

    Getting run over is another reason to say Fuck Tris.
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  16. Lane passes are the best.
  17. Last swim before IM this morning. Shit got WAY real.
  18. Barely exercise but I just went on my first proper run with Kes (proper meaning the running bungee lead and her x-back running harness). Think she enjoyed it. She's a pretty good running buddy. Probably only did a mile but it's a start and she needs building up (as do I!).
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  19. Back at it Tuesday:

    2600yd swim. Coach tweaked something with my stroke, pretty much had me slow down to the point where I thought I was just going to sink I was moving so slowly, and had me focus on engaging a different muscle in my back slightly lower than where I've been engaging. Holy SHIIIIIIT what a difference.


    I ran for half an hour. This is where shit still hurts. But in the last mile I finally got back down to my cruising pace without a lot of effort.
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  20. I'm down to 147 lbs again.
    I was up to 156.

    The way I did it was by eating Less Interesting Food.
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