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Pics Post pics of you at your heaviest, and you at your fittest.....

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Jimmycrackcorn, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. That's a tiny sand tiger.

    We played with five foot ones off the coast of North Carolina, was awesome.
  2. No ones kids are safe here with fly around
  3. I look more Jewish in that pic than the fish one? not doubting but explain :confused:

    yeah no kidding, that's my daughter
  4. Get right outta town!
  5. I get mistaken for a Jamaican constantly
  6. #246 ER1, Jan 22, 2013
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    It's the lingo. Yiddish and Rastafari sound so much alike.
  7. Some Jew-fro + profile?
    I thought it as well.
  8. I have no logic behind my casual potentially offensive comment. You simply do. Hair looks curlier, nose looks bigger (speaking as a fellow giantnoser)
  9. :lol: I'll take it
  10. :lol:

  11. I lost 50 pounds! I may post pics when I get to a comp. :o
  12. I remember seeing your hot fattie pics in the "old skool pics" thread a few months back.

  13. I posted? I don't remember :lol:
  14. Well pics of u younger, where u claim ur a fatty, but you're not... Pffft
  15. Grace has always been easily hittable.
  16. Yah, I think you posted a before pic in the spam thred.
  17. Yeah, not sure if it was her biggest, but it was when she had a good bit more weight than she does now.
  18. Yea. I dunno, but 50 lbs is freakin amazements.
  19. i don't think my weight differences have really been all that visibly different. i think at one point i reached 160, and my lightest in recent times was 145