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Pics Post pics of you at your heaviest, and you at your fittest.....

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Jimmycrackcorn, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. I don't think you meant that how it sounds.
  2. :lol: He reminds me of ZRH
  3. Yea sort of.... But at least you can confirm that ZRH got laid at least once.
  4. Sorry, still not fluent in Snookie. I should have said 'smooshable'
  5. :lol: Yeah right.

    I tried facebooking him like 6 months ago just to check he was still alive. No reply yet :eek:
  6. Death confirmed!
  7. :eek:

    Maybe I should dig out his home address and write To Whom It May Concern to confirm?

    Anyway back to weight - I don't think it matters how big or small you are august if you carry it well. Some people look fab with extra weight and some people look fab all skinny and such. I was pretty pissed that Adele went and lost weight, she was gorgeous all curvy n shit.
  8. We sent him a Christmas card this year and no response either.
  9. I liked Adele when she was softer... skinny wouldn't work with the amount of hair she has. :lol:
  10. Alright, so

    Just out of high school. I ran track and cross country for all of Jr high and High school, so, upon graduation, I was maybe 135..


    About age 32. Just moved to Florida. About 190ish here.


    At my absolute worst. About 250 here.. That was 25 lbs ago. Working my way back to 190.


    Nothing current.
  11. Oh dears.
  12. Welp, found his dads obit on google but not his. Maybe he's moved to Vegas and married a stripper.
  13. Lets hope he's building her a road now.
  14. death confirmed x2
  15. Speaking of death confirmed... does anyone remember Mondoz? I used to email with him all the time, then he posted pics of a CT scan and never again. Email to him went unreturned. :(
  16. Yeah, he lives(?) in my area. Never managed to cross paths with him tho.
    He seemed like a pretty good guy.
  17. You know who else has gone missing this year? Onno.

  18. winner winner...nice progression
  19. Nah, he's been around I think. I have him on my facebook I think, or did he delete everyone? Can't remember.
  20. No but really, I think Zach might be dead. That would be sad.