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Pics Post pics of you at your heaviest, and you at your fittest.....

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Jimmycrackcorn, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. I love how he tried to point the finger at me that I would attack August then he comes our looking like a dickhead.
  2. :lol:! Nope! I only gain what I should have with preggos, though, so nothing to report like, "Ahmahegerrrd, I gained 75lbs and don't know how!"
  3. I know you think this was damage control, but it wasn't, you should not have posted this.
  4. I swam almost every day thru out my pregnancy. That helped tons.
  5. I just stayed...normal. You know like, not "eating for two" kinda shit, yanno?
  6. Mind full of fuck.
  7. This was fun to watch.
  8. She wasn't talking to me, you crack whore.
  9. Lolol Domon Damon tomatoes tomatos
  10. Didn't bother me. I didn't see it as dc, either.
  11. there's no domon-august or august-domon hate. I just called him out for holding back :lol: which he fixed before I even finished my post about him holding back.

    nothing he's saying is news or shocking to me, nor is it malicious. To me, there's a difference between saying "yeah, you're right, you are overweight" and talking shit about what disgusting slobs fat people are in general, because one is a factual statement and the other is mean and negative.
  12. fuck it..ok you may not be able to tell but this is my fattest and I get like this every year before January when I take it off for softball season


    my thinnest will take some digging
  13. Fucking catfisher.

    Also what lake is that?
  14. at thinnest

  15. wrong on two counts... it's Ventnor bay near Atlantic City and its a sand shark you can see it a bit better here


  16. holy fuck mort :lolbow:
  17. I'm the guy on the left :D
  18. iceburn to everyone in this thread that doubted me.

  19. Sooo, the thinner you are, the more jewish you become :D
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    @fly is gonna be peepin' the hottie in the back. :fly: