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Hawt Owning guns is a right, paying a low price for them is not

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. some kids are just dumb, but attendance would not be a bad idea
  2. I can only assume this was in response to me. Are you not? I can't imagine any Republican worth their salt supporting a program like that.
  3. It's like changing your oil every 3k. Preventative Maintenance. ;)
  4. Changing your oil every 3k is stupid. Cars in the fucking 60s recommended 5k for normal driving.
  5. I go until I can hear the pistons screeching.

    Except on the bike, I sell another piece of my soul for the Agip on a more regular basis.
  6. Since I'm responsible for the automotive maintenance on my vehics, and I've never had to replace anything in the motor forever, probably over 500,000 miles (multiple high mileage cars) I'm going to keep up my 3k oil changes.
  7. That is stupid.
  8. never needing more than a tuneup or oil change is stupid? I'm ok with that.
  9. Changing your oil too early is stupid.
  10. i do mine every 3-5, normally closer to 5 than 3

    it's cheap, its easy, it motivates me to check everything else while i'm at it.
  11. Ideally you should get it analyzed periodically, but at the very least you should go with what the manufacturer recommends.
  12. Has there been a school district that tried this? Worth a try. I wonder how big the reward has to be to motivate the parents.
  13. not that I'm aware. I was thinking $100/A, $45/B, $20/C. If the kid has 7 classes, that can add up for the parent twice a year. Hell, I'd even be pro paying the parent half those amounts for the mid-term grades just to keep the parents motivated.
  14. better yet, eliminate tax reductions for kids unless they maintain certain grades.

    this way taxpayers can only profit from it, and the parents will have a massive incentive.
  15. I think there has to be a more immediate payback to the parents. Hell, maybe make it a monthly reward (coincides with the rent pmnt!)
  16. i dunno, when they aren't getting refunds they'll catch on quickly.

    plus, it doesn't cost taxpayers any money and it's an incentive you can force on everyone across the board, not just lower income families.

    the other option seems like people without kids are paying people with kids lots of money to be decent parents.
  17. Make welfare a strict time table with an expiration date. If they don't have their shit together within a year, then you had better hope you spent that time creating a supportive group of family and friends.
  18. I posit if we put in place a system that takes benefits from bad parents, those parents will continue to be bad and take it out on their children. We want to encourage good parenting, not economic scapegoating on children. The reward system only works if it's in addition to current benefits, imo.
  19. Yup
    Positive Reinforcement Vs Negative.

    Also, eliminating tax refunds is way way too much of a gap.
  20. That's what I did.

    I'm debating if I'm going to bother buying another. I never shoot them, they just sit there.