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Hawt Owning guns is a right, paying a low price for them is not

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. No. The discussion is about parents that don't give a shit about their kids - grades included, and the amount of $$ that gets poured into schooling trying to circumvent the lack of parental involvement to help the kids. So far, there isn't much, if anything, that works.
  2. ethics running high itt

  3. I hear it, sorry for the diverging point then
  4. I get your point. I think this is just a segmented part of the welfare recipients that possibly can be helped. The failed kid ends up as an unintended consequence of a broken system.
  5. In Chicago, the CPS schools get a formula based allocation of Fed money that is primarily based on how many students in total show up for school on the first day. This somehow establishes 'need.' CPS actually has a marketing campaign to make sure as many kids as possible show up on the first day. Unintended consequence = no one cares after the first day cuz nothing is hinged on it.

  6. it's a much higher percentage than people think... popular opinion thinks the majority are not disabled when in fact the majority very much are

    Those that abuse the system give the others a horrid reputation. Yeah and I agree about the kids
  7. a random unlisted day would be smarter
  8. LOFL! Tell that to the Teachers Union.
  9. These low income people already receive a ton of free money. What makes you think THIS money will make the difference?
  10. they were the ones that set the day?
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    That and the significance of them needing to know the specific day.

    It's the same bullshit when the kids take all the standardized tests now. The educators all know what's going to be on the test, they know their school will be graded on it, and for 2 weeks before the test they pump the kids with the stuff they don't normally teach (because it will show up on the test) and they pump the kids full of "here's how you need to take the test so you can do your best" and then they go through days of helpful hints. Further, the parents get sleeping and diet instructions to help the kids as well. Sadly, all this 'help' only gets dished out when money is the incentive.

  12. in this country, $ is the ONLY incentive
  13. You also can't be this stupid. you give people an entitlement, they become dependent on it. This is the situation we are having now... So give them another entitlement (100 month or whatever for good grades), how long before they become dependent on it and it devolves into your child labor high stress situation?

    I think adding extra benefits will get identical results to what I'm proposing, only cost more. Whereas what you are trying to avoid by adding extra benefits instead of using current entitlements will eventually happen anyways.
  14. If it's campaigned to the public as a bonus I don't think that will happen. On top of it, these kids will graduate or drop out. The money is very temporary.
  15. Of course it will just become part of their spending money, just like when YOU get a raise. T

    his is a group of people who clearly lack personal responsibility. You just can't throw money at that problem. Here is what will happen: The kid will get bad grades, the parent will lose the money, it will be someone else's fault, and a teacher will get shot.
  16. School is a waste anyway, kids belong in the factories and fields.
  17. Several times a year for 4 years is not temporary.
  18. 13 years if you start at kindergarten. I'm not sure what age/grade they start with standardized tests though, which is what I think you'd have to base the kids performance on.

    Casper, we are going to have to agree to disagree here. I don't think they'd see extra as a bonus, it's become expected just like fly said, whenever people get a raise they raise their expenses because it's expected income, it's not going to ever be treated as just a bonus except maybe the first few times they get it.

    And I still maintain it'll prevent people from having kids just for a welfare payment (if that's actually a problem) because forcing them to be a decent parent might turn them off to the idea.
  19. Depends on what tests you're talkin about, in Florida Reading Comp starts at 3rd grade, then I think Math is in 5th?
  20. I was thinking 3rd through 12th grades. I think consistency is the key for the kids. Start the beatings when they're young and can develop a tough hide.