Hawt Owning guns is a right, paying a low price for them is not


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Oct 29, 2004
So since Sandy Hook gun prices, particularly anything AR-related, have skyrocketed. Personally, I used this opportunity to profit and sold mine, others however are just complaining. Prime example:


Don't people realize that if the gun market goes crazy and people sell their property for four times what it is worth and the masses panic buy, the market will change for the worse. Does anyone remember when 22lr was 10 bucks for 550 rounds four years ago and wolf 7.62x39 was $110 per 1000 rounds. Then the market went nuts and people panic bought everything just like now and when things got back to normal the ammo prices remained high. $20 for the same amount of 22lr and $300 for cheap steel cased wolf7.62x39. If jack ass people continue to buy at the high prices then the manufactures and stores will gladly raise prices to fit the demand. No longer will it be somewhat cheap to shoot 22lr or ak, even steal cased 5.56. I keep seeing 1000rounds of 5.56 and 7.62x39 for $800 are you fucking kidding me, thanks to those people for fucking their fellow gun people. $15 dollar pmags for $75, if you are stupid enough to not have been buying guns before this all happened, you should not go out and ruin the market for those of us that have not had our heads in the sand. People that are selling shit AR 15s and I mean low quality off brand shit for $2000 someone should kick you in the nuts because you are fucking up the market for the rest of us. I saw an ad for 3000 rounds of green tip 5.56 penetrator for $6500 and the guy has the nerve to say that is the best deal out there. That dude is a fucking traitor and should have his guns taken away from him after he is raped by a horse. I am glad I have been stocked up and prepared long before this bullshit went down and for those of you that are unprepared and panic buying thanks for fucking the market up. You are no better than the people trying to pass the bullshit legislation. Thanks, have a good one.
Also don't forget to email with your worthless opinion that does not account for shit much like what I have written here , go put your head back in the sand.

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Oct 15, 2004
as a non-american, i have no idea what you're talking about


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May 25, 2005
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Oct 1, 2004
I'm glad this person has a good understand of how supply and demand works. It's not a conspiracy, its basic economics.

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Sep 30, 2004
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Maybe the whole shooting was a conspiracy by the gun manufacturers and retailers to inflate prices! I wonder what bsinning thinks.

The manufacturers in most cases haven't raised their prices by much, if at all, but they are flat out busy.

Retailers are all over the map though.

Some are holding at pre-December prices, and many others are charging, for example, $30 to $50 for something that was selling for $12 - $16 before, and their costs are still the same on that item :lol:

I wish I had bought ammo instead of a bike last year, I'd be cashing in and going on vacation.


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Mar 28, 2005
I've tried explaining this to people as well. A couple dudes I know were raising a fit over elevated prices at a recent gun show and I tried to explain that vendors will sell things for whatever they can get. If people want to spend $10,000 on a gun or $2,000 on ammo, the person selling the guns or ammo is under no moral obligation whatsoever to tell them not to or "give them a better deal." They insist the sellers are deliberately screwing people, and I insist that the buyers are deliberately screwing themselves via their demand.

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Oct 15, 2004
Yeah, a lil. Sandy Hook was one, we got to talking about incarceration and he started talking about how there is a belief in "thug culture" that going to jail is cool, couple other minor ones
Not that much of a stretch IMHO. I see little white kids walking around suburbia all decked out in ghetto wear and calling each other isajeeps on a fairly regular basis