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Food Home-made sauces/condiments?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mr. Asa, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. My sauce/condiment is... interesting.
    I'm thinking about adding raw garlic to it actually.

    Roasted two heads of garlic, tossed 'em in a food processor with roughly a teaspoon of olive oil and some pureed tomatoes, salt and pepper, some worchestershire sauce and a little bit of horse-radish.

    I think I added too much roasted garlic
  2. do the math on it, i think you still net 6g of carbs per serving without the brown sugar
  3. I think that a serving ends up being 2 tablespoons? Not necessarily going to use that, and 6g is acceptable
  4. but dont most store bought condiments have less than that
  5. Did you open with a 'tomato's are bad' kind of post? like you can't do ketchup because of it? now your adding tomatoes to sauces? Throwing in the towel this early? - I love a spinach salad & oil/vinegar/dijon/s&p/honey is fuckign out standing and it keeps in the fridge easily. Also, w/a spinace salad, you can throw cooked eggs, onoins, raw mushrooms & tuna on it & it's fan fucking tastic. Also, this: is excellent. And, if you get 3 red bell peppers, one ripe roma tomato (if not roma, use a medium size RIPE tomato) a fist full of cilantro2 cloves of garlic, 1/4-1/2 onion, one poblano pepper (or jalapeno, just pick a spicy pepper to throw in), s&p& blend the shit out of it. it's great. If it's too thick, add more tomato (the only reason you add the tomato is for the liquid). I suppose you could add olive oil as needed instead of the 2nd tomato. Super easy & goes both go on all kinds of meats.
  6. Also, I love basil. So plant some of that shit in your yard & it will turn into a hedge in no time. it's a god damn fortune at the store. But you can puree it with olive oil (leave it super super thick) & throw it in the fridge forever. When you want to use it, take some out, add more olive oil & stir. I've got both pesto & the basil/olive oil mix in my fridge & you can use that as a sauce on all kinds of things.
  7. protip: 1/4 cup lime juice = about 10 limes. Those fuckers are amazingly dry!
  8. I said they are sugary.
    The ketchup I have in the fridge has about 7g per tablespoon. The tomato puree I added to this (which was roughly 3-4 tablespoons) was 5g per cup.
    It depends on the ingredients.

    The other sounds like what I would do to make salsa.
    All my basil died :(
    I had these HUGE plants, no clue why they died but they did. I need to start over with another pot of soil I think
  9. What do you grow your basil from? I used to grow it from seed but found it far easier to get a living pot from the supermarket and cut the rootball up into 4.
  10. One of the plants was so fucking old that I literally can't remember where we got it from. It was at least 4 years old, main stalk was thicker than my thumb, and at times it would grow to at least 5 feet tall (supported of course) before we cut it back. The other plant was grown from seeds from the first.
    Made a lot of pesto over the years

    I have a shit-load of seeds, I'll probably start with new soil and see what tossing them into the dirt does.
  11. basil grows like a weed. Im surprisedyou had any trouble at all.

    Only catch is to not crowd it, basil needs lots of space to get big.

  12. Yeahhhhhh, for 90% of us, basil is an annual. It wont last for more than one year unless its that fake thai basil stuff.
  13. He didn't say he had trouble with it, just that it was easier to get a plant from the supermarket.

    Cold winters probably kill his plants yearly
  14. Thai basil is awesome.

    I'm gonna make a pho thread sometime, which calls for it.
  15. omfg I love pho. :drool:++++++++
  16. vietnamese eggrolls are damn good
  17. Start saving bones from beef roasts, or find a butcher you can get some from. You'll need a few.

    Made it a couple days ago so it might be another while yet before thread gets made.
  18. Hmmm... I know it takes some time to make, but I've never really looked into it