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Halp Android devices

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by dbzeag, May 4, 2010.

  1. Yet another lie.
  2. BTW, I'm really surprised that you of all people are okay with an always listening device in your home.
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  3. dude, i know exactly what people are interesting and what people arent, and im not one of them.

    Also, i know if someone wants to listen to me, theyre gonna do it, no matter what device i do or dont have.
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  4. also, my attitude of "fuck you, do it" weighs in here. If some basement dwelling hacker want to record me furiously masturbating to dwarf porn, then threaten to black mail me or whatever?

    yeah.... fuck you, do it. Its not my problem that you're pathetic.
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  5. Well that was overly aggressive.
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  6. eh, not at you.

    Ive had people mess with me in the past and have a low tolerance for limiting my freedoms or activities because of what some other asshole might do.
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  7. he just routes it all to his own office anyways
  8. Plus the dot is adorable
  9. A lot of people tell me I'm the laziest fuck they've ever seen in their life.

    But this is the laziest fucking shit I've ever heard in my life.

    How fucking lazy do you have to be to have to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars and speak to walls instead of lifting your arm 20 centimeters, and think it's cool?

    @Domon lazy, that's how lazy.

    I salute you sir, you have beaten me.
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  10. Yeah, like any one would be interested in people with babies, because that's very original and interesting.

    I'd watch your home though, because I'd love to observe Ape in her natural habitat. Would make a very interesting subject.

    You should write a paper on that.
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  11. Mac is on a roll.
    ... Down hill.
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  13. Story of my life.
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  14. Dunno about that.
    MacG is good looking, has marketable skills in android app development.
    Brutal drunk, brutal cat person.

    If Mac could ever swim to Greece and stow away on a merchant marine freighter, he'd be serious competition for @fly.
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  15. He doesn't use Return as deftly as you do though.
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  16. It's too much work for one of the some 3 billion women on the planet.
  17. Holy shit. I missed the story about Cyanogenmod being vaporized. Even though the project will obviously live on, that sorta sucks.
  18. Sounds like the people running it had no idea what they were doing.
  19. It was a project that everyone knew was doomed to fail from the start. I'm surprised that it lasted this long.
  20. I might regret this, but would you mind explaining?

    I decided to just buy Nexus devices some time ago, so I wouldn't have to diddle with the ROMs or whatever to get the latest OS, because I'm not smart enough for that shit.