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Halp Android devices

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by dbzeag, May 4, 2010.

  1. CyaogenMod was the first broad device, alt OS for Android. Pretty sure they support (at various OS levels) well over a hundred devices. A few years ago, they got some seed money and started their own for-profit company. It was a massive failure, just like any company that tries to monetize FOSS code (with the exception of Red hat). The OS, which is rock solid, faster, better, and more efficient than the base Google code will live on in a new form called LineageOS.

    None of that matters to you though, as Nexus devices are supported through Google directly.
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  2. Is there a way to calibrate my phone battery?

    It seems to drain fast, yet also charge fast. It's like only half the battery is used.
  3. Yes. #crybabylist
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  4. IIRC, let it die. Then fully charge it without turning on the phone.
  5. I thought the need to do that went away a couple battery generations ago. This new shit takes a while to charge but lasts a damn long time too. If I start out at 100%, I can UF all day at full screen brightness and still have enough left to make an ass of myself in the evenings.
  6. So there is no problem.

  7. Tried that a few times. Makes no difference unfortunately.
  8. That used to be what you had to do to prevent memory issues. The full charge/discharge cycle in current batteries allows for whatever calibration shit it does. Or maybe I'm wrong.
  9. I bought a new battery thinking the old one might have had it. No difference.
  10. These days it's to tell whatever thingy it is how much capacity the battery actually has.

    At least on iPhones.

    Is sounds like lameham doesn't actually have a battery issue though. He's just whining.
  11. It's now been exactly 3 hours since I unplugged it at 100% charge, and I'm down to 42% left.

    Screen is on auto brightness, locations off, Bluetooth on but not connected, wifi on but not connected.

    Ive been posting here using Chrome browser app, and surfing reddit using Relay for Reddit app.
  12. Maybe one of your apps is screwing up the charging.
  13. My Galaxy battery is just like Ozzy's. 3 hours of constant use I'm at 40℅.
    I try not to take it personal. I stay tethered to a charger most of the day, can't lose cell service-the good jobs are dispatched over the phone.
  14. What does Battery say is using all of it in Settings?
  15. Grinder
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  16. [​IMG]
    ...1080, xy mic config, hmmm.
  17. Does that allow your dentist to check your teeth while you're singing?
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  18. :lol:
    ..but dentists:(:chikken:
  19. Got that attitude from the British, did you?
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  20. Nope, it's pretty universal.
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