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Halp Android devices

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by dbzeag, May 4, 2010.

  1. Alexa, please update Domon-bot with humor plugin.
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  2. Permission Denied.
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  3. well thats his fault.
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  4. Wow what a dickwad you are sometimes.
    The cunt responded to my rambling mumble about 5 times.
    You are simply too inept to realize or admit the Echo is a buggy piece of shit.
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  5. It's the liar part which triggered me- of course I'm technically inept, I admit it almost daily.
    I didn't ask what the Echo was hooked up to, nor did I care.
    It's literally not my house and not my problem.
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  6. Calm your tits.
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  7. Soon baby soon.
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  8. Yes nukes, calm down, think about 5ers with chromes...
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  9. omg there you go again lying your ass off you stinkin liar
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  10. You name came caller you stinking name caller
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  11. I apologize for calling you a liar.

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  12. Don't piss me off, adi.
  13. I apologize for calling you dickwad.
    Sincerely, Technically Inept.
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  14. If you take me seriously you should slap yourself in shame
  15. You stinkin liar no way this apology is sincere you insincere liar
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  16. holy shit, did people just have a reasonable discussion on the internet?
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  17. What did I just say?
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  18. Page 333 we're halfway there
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  19. This is the funniest material you've come up with in weeks.
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  20. I forgot baba:D
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