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Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by dbzeag, May 4, 2010.

  1. I love going to the dentist.
  2. I love that mine updates me on the state of my hemorrhoids when I wake up from the anesthetic.
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  3. I have a funny story about that and my wisdom teeth removal.
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  4. I need to hear this story.
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  5. im not a big fan of getting knocked out for no reason, so i went with a local for getting mine out.
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  6. I get syncope pretty bad when I go all the way under.

    First time was when I had all 6 of my wisdom teeth out, and I passed the fuck out in the elevator on the way out of the office.
  7. Speaking of dentistry, I just had a filling go bad this week.
    Gotta get the crown before the abscess goes down.
  8. Ask him to do something about that gap while you're in there.
  9. What, you want it tightened up a little to grip your dick better when @nukes sucks?
  10. I've got Ford level insurance. My deductible for the crown is $600, might have gone up since then.
    Anything cosmetic is out of the budget.
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  11. No I want him to be an 8.
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  12. Ive had three procedures in my life where they wanted me to go all the way out

    1) Wisdom teeth - refused, it was fine, some pressure, but no reason to be out
    2) Hand nerve reconstruction - was also fine, didnt feel a damn thing
    3) Throat scope - had to go out for this one, they wouldnt take no for an answer. Was also fine.
  13. Pansies. I like to wake up and pull the breathing tube out.
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  14. That's your deepthroat practice, eh?
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  15. She came out of surgery crying. On the followup, the doctor asked her multiple times if she remembered anything. We're pretty sure that he at least fingerbanged @APRIL.
  16. Maybe she fingerbanged him.
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  17. as much as we joke... thats actually fairly concerning.
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  18. crying for what
  19. It is. But wtf are we going to do other than laugh about it? For all we know, she woke up or something went wrong. It's funnier to say it was rape.

    Until I actually typed the word rape. FUCK
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  20. i mean, was the dude in there all alone with her? No assistants or whatever?