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Halp Android devices

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by dbzeag, May 4, 2010.

  1. That explains it. Haven't been to HS since well before that story
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  2. goddamn right.
  3. I just used siri to turn the lights on. and it worked!
  4. "Alexa, illuminate."
  5. Alexa, blow me.
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  6. You have to pay extra for that feature, Nukes.
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  7. Guess there's no such thing as a free lunch.
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  8. Unless ya blow someone I guess.
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  9. I will modify that when i get home.
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  10. how many minutes did it take :D
  11. What's the difference between the echo and the dot?
  12. echo has a built in sound system, the dot you gotta hook up to something.
  13. Last time we went we spent a few hours in the park and left. Not much there to hold our interest.
  14. Less than two seconds, thank you very little. :p

    Turns out it was time to change the batteries on the deadbolt.

    Which I still haven't done.
  15. no, it has built in too, its just not the beast of a speaker the echo has.

    The echo is a very capable speaker, the dot is a "well yeah, i can hear it" speaker.
  16. Thats it, the speaker. The echo is not worht the money compared ot the dot.
  17. I talk to myself way too much to have one of these things in my house. Thing would be blinking and making noises like a carnival ride.
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  18. Worse, it talks back.
    Bro in laws Alexa was tripping on me constantly.
    "I located Google results for fuck me o fuck me..."
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  19. you know how i know you're lying, or perhaps just technically inept?

    Two ways:

    1)it only triggers on the word alexa.... (or echo, or amazon, if you tell it to). so unless thats a common word in conversation, its not listening to anything
    2)Amazon echo (alexa) doesnt do google searches.

    Maybe he has a google home.
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  20. Or a daughter named Alexa.