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Ontopic A Thread About Butt Mustard, For Those Who Drive Automobiles

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Sarcasmo, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. I cannot wait til trucks are as uncool as minivans.
  2. Minivans are tres chic. As are nose pimples, and exzema.
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  3. And miatas.
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  4. A Ford designer on reddit (verified by reddit) leaked that the Bronco will be the Everest with US spec front/rear clips and interior/content.
  5. So, assbags
  6. There was a ratty '89 Celica Alltrac for sale on CL when I was looking for a car once. Gone so quick.
  7. It's bad when the forum whipping boy/girl has to teach someone how to use commas.
  8. Tell him I was driving with one hand and sexting with the other.
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  9. Microwave for burritos and a coffee maker in the kitchen, hey, I guess that's all you need.
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  10. Don't even need the coffee maker. I'll bring my French press and my kettle along.
  11. I'd love to have a minivan. Very handy cars.

    I'd love a Nissan El Grand.

  12. Alright Dudesquad.
    This is the.... shit, I don't know, bowcap? hood? roof of the forecastle? for my boat. The lefthand side I sanded and it got 80% of the crap paint off. The right hand side I used paint stripper and it got 80% of the crap paint off. Anyone have any thoughts how to get all of it off? It's aluminum, roughly 1/16th of an inch thick, the inside has some mild corrosion from salt water, I was thinking about getting that side media blasted and then coat it with Zinc Chromate paint so I don't have to worry about future corrosion. I'm unsure if I want to do that with exposed surfaces though, as the exposed surfaces will be bare aluminum and will need to be at least partially pretty/might get polished and I don't know what sort of finish the blasting will leave.

    Any thoughts?
  13. If you're worried about surface finish, you can always go with soda blasting.

    However, I'd work it over again with paint stripper, following the directions, and going about 2 sq. ft. at a time, keeping it wet until it lifts. Paint stripper (of the variety I use) doesn't leave behind paint when you use it according to the directions.
  14. Pretty much this. Keep it wet and work it through.

    Hard to see with the shadows.

    Also old lead paint, respirator, etc. but you knew that.

    Also on regular steel you can simply sand off whatever's left but I don't know about aluminum. Probably too soft.
  15. You guys can't possibly enjoy doing this kind of shit. Stripping paint? Good god.
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  16. That's right up there with roofing. Boy howdy.
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  17. Sounds worse than gardening.
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  18. A roofer coming back with this? Praise Jibbers.
  19. Roofing sucks.
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