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Ontopic A Thread About Butt Mustard, For Those Who Drive Automobiles

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Sarcasmo, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. No, I say "I'm working on the yellow one".

    I have a car in yellow, red, blue, black, and gray.
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  2. I'm doing my part by keeping them off the road.
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  3. "OK babes. I just TCP/IP'd you the grocery list. Heinz 19373-7 is on sale..."
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  4. I can only drive one of them at a time, @Darth Handsome.

    And my kids aren't driving any of them, ever.
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  5. You're not fooling me. You're a rabid polluter.
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  6. pics of GTFO!
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  7. Hey this minivanless wife would tell you to have go and have fun
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  8. Tough cuck, she can take a cab
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  9. Stop calling yourself a 'wife'. You're bringing me down.
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  10. she's got kids too. all that baggage.
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  11. Ugh. What a drag.
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  12. Id ride around in that
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  13. Even boots is trying to get rid of you, @nukes
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  14. I want him to go have fun kayaking.
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  15. I hope he does too. I hope he has a much fun kayaking as Ned Beatty would.
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  16. A thin cover story at best ...
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    I'll take you kayaking. That way Boots my imaginary wife and your real wife can have threesomes with the pool boy.
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  18. You sure know how to weave a tale, Nukes.
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  19. @APRIL please teach nukes to comma.
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  20. I need to find a solid model of a T5 trans. No one has them except some crappy pay site. :(