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Ontopic A Thread About Butt Mustard, For Those Who Drive Automobiles

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Sarcasmo, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. You need something with style, nukes.

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  2. You live alone in a shack.
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  3. I don't live alone or in a shack.
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  4. Uh, why is asking permission for something such a burden for you?

    I would ask my wife, no problem.
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  5. Are cats and dogs tax deductible in Canada?
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  6. Corvan, instead.

    Because sports van! Rear engine, like a Porsche.
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  7. How the fuck would I know? Ask my accountant.
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  8. Damn. Maybe people should listen to you.
    Put your foot down, @nukes. Just not too hard, you know you bruise easy.
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  9. That does it, fuck it. She's gonna quit her job and wear a burkini.
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  10. My second car was one of these but not as coca cola as this one
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  11. Why's it gotta be all or nothing?

    Is she gonna die if she takes a different car to work or something?
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  12. That's an unfortunate name.
  13. It's ironic that the man who has at least two project cars is not behind my project junkyard van thing.
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  14. All of my cars run. The only one that takes any coaxing is the 240Z, but the wife prefers either the 300ZX or the M35x, so in general, one of those is what stays around for her.
  15. Whats with all the numbers, you dork? Cant you just say "the Ford & the Chevy" like everyone else?
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  16. Because they're all Nissans, dumbfuck.
  17. Oh man. Mrs Handsome had a Nissan way back when. You need to buy a Chevy, Nancy.
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  18. I got a Cadillac and a Pontiac, are those close enough, my lord?
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  19. Close enough. Now sell those laydee Nissans & quit driving so many cars. You're blowing holes in the environment. That's not very intelligent.
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  20. Do you use the entire nomenclature in conversation?

    Like,"honey, I'm working on the X354sr6. Take the Z98gls5 to the office."
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