Thread When do nude pics of chewbacca stop being creepy?

I don't know man. I saw a commercial the other day with a 14 year old girl in her panties and a half shirt and thought that was sort of inappropriate. It only takes some small catalyst like that to throw someone like fly over the edge. The next thing you know, he's dividing his time standing out front of Claire's and Hot Topic with a mirror on his shoe.
I'm still trying to figure out why they're making Shiloh to be as masculine as possible. First she's wearing guys trunks on this, then other pictures have her dressing as male as possible as well.
Apparently Angolina is a push over mom and lets her kids do anything they want. Shiloh, apparently, is the one choosing the clothing and hair styles to look more like a boy.

Could she be a lesbian in training or a transgendered like Chaz/Charity?
Shouldn't the thread title be "...start being creepy?" Pics of nude kids start being creepy outside of toddlerhood. I'd say 4 is the end.

I think the better question is "When Does the Media Stop Being Completely Pointless?"