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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. yep. after the looks & excusing her voice (which is borderline for me) to me she comes across as thoughtful & matter of fact. Major turn on!!
  2. Please film and utube. thx
  3. :lol:
  4. Oh and since you're in AUS, every video should be upside down. thx
  5. *kneeslapper hurrr

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    @123 LOVES these jokes!
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    They even tell them in australia

  8. idk if this would be anyone here's thing, but I love My Mad Fat Diary.

    like to the point where I downloaded a VPN thing so I could watch next week's episode now, because e4 posts them a week ahead, but you can only see them if you're a UK resident.

    it's a cute show. the music is on point.
  9. Not really sure I get why HoC is so well regarded. Plot line is pretty sinister and intricut (omg how do you spell that??? mind fart!) but the characters are devoid of any likeabiliy and Frank is just a 100% bullying asshole. Hmmm, is this just another BB where I dont like any characters so can't see why it's popular? Someone explain what it is they like please.
  10. It's a very American storyline because here, we love our assholes, and secretly wish to be more like them.
  11. I see. Thats my sticking point.

    The writing, directing and acting are ace, but the storyline seems far too imbalanced towards the negative and I like to fall in love with characters if a show is going to be great (Bubbles in The Wire to name just one), but these characters in the whole of season 1 (not started 2 yet but will shortly) have a lack of flaws and a lack of humanity.
  12. what you fall in love with is their ability to get away with things. You keep wondering when they'll get caught, but as close as they come to getting caught, there's usually some slick way things slide by.

    Have you ever seen Robert Altman's movie, The Player ?
  13. Honestly I haven't once thought about them being caught, and I'd be glad if Frank did tbh because he's just a distasteful bully. Will still watch seeason 2 to see what happens though.

    And no I haven't.
  14. It's such a bad ass show
  15. for me, there's a suspense about the risk & chance they get caught.

    The Player is a great movie, full of it. Would recommend.
    all star cast
  16. The US is upside down.
  17. i'm about to give up on The Walking Dead. 4 extremely boring episodes in a row now. what the fuck?
  18. The preview commercials for Resurrection look very interesting
  19. always was boring

    I watched half the first season and got bored.

    Why so much drama and talking. WHAT ABOUT THE ZOMBIES
  20. Agents of Shield is really starting to look better though.

    And fuck, the god damn Following is fucking twisted this year.