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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. So, I saw on FB that Jaimes is watching Bates Motel. Is this good??
    I might try to find it.
  2. Oh thats me!

    Its very weird but good enough to keep my interest.
  3. Werd. Hmmmm. Might check it out.
  4. house of cards just went from slight gay/bi to straight up lesbian boob action...
  5. God I have tried that show and I just can't get into it!
  6. It's totally GAY/BI
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    Best use of a song in a TV show this year goes to the Helix episode Level X.

  8. I enjoyed the first season
    DVR-ing the second
  9. So, I haven't watched the show, but I did catch some something during one of the commercials for it.

    Is Norman really banging his mom?
  10. uh, no, not in season one, anyways
    Shes just really insanely protective of him
    You can see the effects of her smothering him as it progresses
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    Saw the ep but not recalling the song. What was it?
  13. I generally choose what to watch based on the lighting and camera work rather than the plot or acting.
  14. I felt that way about Breaking Bad too. I want to like it because everyone was like "This is the best!" but I don't care about any of the people. House of Cards for me is different because I love political drama and it's often dirty so it's what I expected. I expected to care that some guy had cancer and wanted to take care of his family, but I don't because he's such a douche and his family isn't any better.

    It is called House of Cards. I can only assume it will all fall apart in the end.

    I have some friends in "the industry" that will watch films or shows for this reason, but I don't get it.
  15. A cover of Tears for Fears 'Mad World' that was also in Donnie Darko.
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    I remember really liking Tears for Fears. They had some great music. In fact, I can't remember a bad song on Songs from the Big Chair
  17. In truth, I can be a bit of a nerd sometimes. Whenever I used to arrive at a club, I'd check out the lighting and sound system rather than the bar babes. ( Has to say that in case NME reads this)
  18. I drink three fingers whenever I detect a filter change.
  19. I used to have an enormous painting the drummer from Tears For Fears (Manny) did (don't ask, yes I knew the band, mostly Roland). It was about 6ft wide by 4ft tall and all greens. He never told me what it was supposed to be so I used to make it up when asked. Regularly I told people it was the Cuban uprising, just before they uprose, and people would nod knowingly. Alternatively I'd say, the artist described it as 'green' and I think that sums it up well. The one and only time tardwife smoked anything it was a spliff at a Mexican party I arranged and she pinned me up against the painting for half an hour staring at my eyes while everyone else politely ignored my predicament. I got rid of the painting shortly after. A good decision I feel.