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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Just finished watching Weeds!

    Loved this series!!! Soooooooo good!
    I'm so sad it's over !!
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  3. Just finished Deadwood.

    that show rocks.

    Al Swearengen is probably the greatest screen character I've ever seen.
  4. I've been watching non-stop House of Cards. I'm two episodes away from the end of the season.

  5. I need to go back to that. Watched the first two eps, then got distracted by something else.

    plus kate mara is yummy
  6. I'm thinking of watching Lilyhammer over the Xmas period
  7. I don't remember those Olympics too well. They were good enough to watch again?
  8. Well played sir!
  9. Can someone explain this Duck Dynasty shit blowing up my twitter ?

    I have never seen the show of have any clue what it's about ? I assume its a redneck thing like my beloved HoneyBooBoo? :iono:

    So some guy hates the gays or something but why the death threats ?
  10. So a stupid redneck says a very anti-gay statement and then says another crappy thing about it during his apology. He gets fired because A&E doesn't want that obvious crap associated with them. Should be end of story right?

    No conservatives are blaming liberal agenda on him being fired using "Freedom of Speech" as a reason why this is wrong. Not realizing that he is allowed to say what he wants, the gov't won't prosecute him for it, but doesn't mean an employer has to like it.

    It's all faux outrage IMO and very stupid.
  11. He said some dumb shit based on his religeous beliefs, homosexuality is a sin, lumped it in with beastiality, and then made a statement about working with black people in the deep south and didn't feel they were oppressed and that they were happy pre-civil rights legislation. A&E suspended him indefinitely because of the outcry from gay and lesbian and civil rights groups however (in my opinion) they are being a bit hypocritical because they haven't taken the show off the air. It is their #1 rated show and is still constantly on. Far right conservatives are screaming freedom of speech, religious freedom, and stuff like that. If someone is threatening to kill him that's pretty stupid. Haven't seen that.
  12. Oh yeah I forgot about the Jim Crow statement he made. What a dumbass.

    I haven't seen death threats either, but considering we've seen people shoot & kill others over things like football games, I can't say I am surprised.
  13. Going by this logic, more than half of us here should be fired from our jobs for things we have stated here as well.
  14. I said yesterday in one of the other threads this is going to be interesting to see how it plays out. A&E needs the show much more then that family needs A&E. That family is worth more than $400 million. Their business, hunting DVD's, and products have been huge in the hunting industry for years. They were very financially secure before this show started and will be fine after. A&E was really struggling until this show came along and now have the #2 rated cable TV show in the country behind The Walking Dead.
  15. Just half? Probably everybody at one time or another.
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    You aren't a big name that could make or break your company if you were quoted are you?

    If you said it in an environment that would affect other co-workers I bet your ass would at least be in HR being told you have to do some sensitivity training at least. And depending on where you work, you could be fired for it if said in a work environment.

    Problem with this guy is he's a public figure and what he says the US at least sees. Bad to talk of such hateful things in public if you are a public figure.

    I've heard many say the same @yeppers about A&E. I haven't watched that channel in years which says something. I bet they don't want to lose their guys but they don't want a bigot as a figurehead either. A guy like that though, they should've known would be a "problem" at some point.
    Anti-Muslim Facebook Post By Wal-Mart Employee Leads To Firing
    The photo depicted one employee holding a cardboard sign that read, “Help I’m a server at Famous Dave’s on Pow Wow weekend! Anything helps! 5 cents 25 cents! It’s more than my tips.”

    The employee pictured was in the restaurant and wearing her uniform in the photo. She and the employee who took the photo were both fired.
    12 examples of people getting fired over Facebook
  18. Exactly. To think this kind of thing isn't happening to us common folk daily is sticking your head in the sand.