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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

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    She works in PR and thought that would be a good thing to post to the world? :wtf:
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    Obv the rednecks comments were ignorant but he is entitled to his own opinion regardless.
    If he hates gays so be it. It's his issue.
    I don't understand why the fucking gays get soooo upset and demand everyone to get fired. Fuck off already.
    If the redneck was shitting all over Hispanics do you think i would cry for his dismissal ? No.. Like I wouldn't even give a shit. Sure if think he's a loser and prob just stop watching him or using his products but I'm sorrrrrry the gay community takes this shit to the fucking max!

    Let the redneck speak let the redneck hate cuz when the day comes when someone stands up and says Burn All The Hillbillies, they should be able to speak and hate just as much.

    You fucking Americans are sooooo mixed up backwards and confused
  4. :jvag:
  5. From what I understand A&E's suspension of him was very swift - A&E are strong supporters of the LGB&T community and they just don't want him being a face for the station so to speak.

    So in this case it wasn't groups crying foul until AFTER he was fired. The biggest crybabies right now that I see are ultra conservatives trying to claim that the 1st Amendment (Freedom of Speech) saves him from this.

    On facebook my gay friends even said "Who is shocked by him saying this? Not me!" Guess A&E needed money and gambled taking them on and it didn't work to their liking.
  6. Then why is A&E apparently running a few duck shows marathons thru out the Christmas break?
    If they truly supported the LGB&T community why are they trying yo cash in on the show?
    Why be hypocrites ?
  7. That IMO is a whole other issue and I don't disagree with you on it. They went as far as they could to appear to be supporters yet they won't give up the money. Welcome to the world of greed.

    This is all stupid though really. I don't get the draw to this show but I grew up with ignorant assholes so I don't need to watch it.
  8. Pathetic eh?
    I just don't get why Americans are so fixated on stupid shit like this.
    It's a fucking show !!!

    I don't have cable and I stopped watching the news years ago...
    Netflix and twitter updates for me and sometimes that's even too much lol
  9. Tsrh

    Americans is dum
  10. Only thing I could see is that this show has been their only cash cow for a while, so they might not have other programs to fill the space the marathons take up
  11. Don't you watch Teen moms? (or whatever that show is called)
  12. Yessssss :nev: on netflix
  13. How you been Liam?
  14. :jvag: nikka please!
  15. :lol:
  16. this just in from Australia. . .
  17. I watched a bunch of news on this last night & it actually seems like the militant gays want everyone to tolerate them and their speech, but don't want to tolerate what this guy says.

    Seems pretty intolerant of the group advocating tolerance. . . .