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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. $$$$$ duh
  2. Has anyone been watching Rick & Morty on adult swim?

    Pretty good
  3. Haven't seen it yet. It's live action, not a cartoon iirc?
  4. Nope, cartoon
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    Yeah. I've been watching it. Jury's still out but it has potential.

    Haven't watched BL yet, but had DVR'd all but the first episode. Deleted without watching cause I needed space and figured I could just pull it up off On Demand...

    Nope. Fuckers. Unavailable. Probably on Hulu. Asshats.
  6. The Good Wife starts up again tonight after the mid season break. Ended on a real cliff hanger weeks ago :eek:
  7. Dukes of Hazzard marathon is on
  8. Wow, Dexter really did go down the shitter the last season.

  9. You were watching Dukes instead of the playoffs?
  10. I watched the final season this weekend. I was so pissed about the last episode. SO FUCKING PISSED.
  11. I invested years in that show and think I gave up on like episode 3 of the last season. I don't even care how it ends, that's how bored I was of it.
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  13. Borked image.

    Bork borked
    bork bork bork bork
  14. Hey looks its a black guy who's almost human.


    btw, that show looks TERRIBLE
  15. I can't believe they abandoned Treme with a 5 episode season. I'll miss that show.
  16. I'm still pissed about the season ending cliffhanger of The 4400 that ended up being canceled afterwards. :mad:
    The lead villain just surfaced on a new show on Syfy that looks somewhat decent.
  17. Agents of Shield is starting to grow on me now that I have gotten over the expectation of it being more like Serenity and The Avengers, and less of it's own style of show. Joss Whedon's name on it is in title only.

    Revolution, however, has gone full retard with the omniscient AI nanotech BS. Why couldn't they just make a good damn story about how people would be after the collapse of civilization.