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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Almost Human? Anyone seen previews for it? Future cop drama with a robit
  2. i wasn't too far off yo.

  3. damn. You nailed it
  4. it wasn't blow me away amazing, but it was definitely not disappointing
  5. Orange is the new black is pretty good
  6. I loved it - can't wait for the next season
  7. I agree
    Everything was wrapped up nicely
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    I noticed re-watching yesterday that they used a Squeeze song to end season 5A and to start 5B. Love Squeeze. The 2nd song is an all time fave.

    End of 5A when Hank goes to the toilet:
    Up the Junction

    Only 1 video per post, blah.
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    Start of season 5B when Hank gets off the toilet:
    If I Didn't Love You
  10. lol @ bb
  11. has a BB shirt today
  12. He looks like he's holding a blue cock. Lol
  13. DAMNIT!!

    So, Breaking Bad is on Netflix. Yes, I knew it was on Netflix, but I did not know like ALL seasons were!
    Farrrrrrtttt. So, am I going to get sucked in after even watching the pilot? :fly:
  14. Yaup. *evil laugh*
  15. It's official. Everyone I know is now watching Breaking Bad. smh.
  16. Watch it
    Its awesome

  17. It probably is. I just don't do TV shows.
  18. Ill just say, that with this show, the way its written and produced, itll be worth your time.
    Its that good.