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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. The Walmarts up here are chock full of DD merchandise.
  2. :lol:

    Along the same lines, I think it's about to jump the shark.

    All of a sudden they're adding "Previously on GoT" and what was with the rock music at the end of the last episode?

  3. wait, that was everywhere? I figured the rip i got was just from some fucked up channel and they put it there as an intro to their next show
  5. The worst was that my pirated version cut over the whole

    Lock/Vargo cutting off Jaime's hand

    with the song starting early, so he's all saying IMPORTANT THINGS and I can't hear because I'm listening to a loudass modern rock version of a song about cunnilingus.

    That said, two comical moments probably should have annoyed me in this past episode, but I actually lol'd:

    The first was when
    Podrick's face at the brothel when the contortionist is all bending her giner into his face and he's just simultaneously terrified and ready. And then he comes back with money? AND BRONN AND TYRION WERE LIKE OMG GUUUUURL, GIVE US THE DEEEEETS? Was he just such a generous lover, as opposed to folks like Bronn who you can tell totally just take whatever they want, which seems to be the norm in depictions of the menfolk of Westeros in brothels, that they were willing to do it pro boner?

    The second is comical, but also telling
    when the small council convenes, and it's obvious that Tywin has set it up to watch his pawns play. I feel like in the books, Baelish wouldn't have been so obvious about running to be next to Tywin, they're really trying hard to make it super obvious what a sneak Baelish is, but if he was as obvious as the show's making him out to be, he wouldn't have been nearly as successful. That said, Varys's faces were hilarious, Pycelle just doesn't give a single solitary fuck, Cersei is trying to show what a badass bitch she is, she doesn't follow the rules, and Tywin's almost impressed, not quite, but like, almost, you see a quarter of a smirk. And then Tyrion. Tyrion is always a smartass, and yeah, the scene was kind of comic relief, but it was also very in-character for them all, particularly him.

    anyway, those are my thoughts. I have more, but those are the two silly parts that I've seen people bitching about but that I actually enjoyed.
  6. It was supposed to be on all of them, it was on the show afaik, but the rip I got cut off the last like minute and a half of dialogue, too.

    edit: whereas on the actual show, it was just the credits music, AFTER the thing that happened that was a thing. that happened.
  7. I just assumed

    the kid has a really huge cock

    and as to the pirated copy comment, its is really hard to get copies of GoT this year, everything is intentionally corrupted and theres tons of fakes out there. I bet the MPAA or whoever is being fucktarded and inserting bad shit into the supply chain.
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    ironman made me promise not to torrent, so now I go the even UNSAFER route, which is googling around enough to figure out what the common rip is called, then googling for that, and finding it from random shady uploaders until I find one that ends in mp4 or avi, not exe :hs:

    I don't have this problem with TrueBlood, I am in an LJ community where people post reliable links within a few hours of airing, so I usually just go there for those, but I am not in one for GoT, so I have to scrounge more :(

    he really puts the pod in tripod
  9. Yeah, I read there were a lot of intentionally bad copies of the latest episode out, which is lame, because the producers themselves have said they dont care if the show is pirated.
  10. I'm sure they don't but HBO does.
  11. If HBO would pull their collective heads out of their asses, theyd let non-subscribers buy an HBO Go account.
  12. It would make sense, otherwise they are just pissing money away.
    I have an HBO Go account, I wonder how many times I could share it before somebody yelled at me
  13. I dunno, lets find out :shady:
  14. I assumed as well.....but
    with his inexperience, he was either naturally talented or because he did everything they asked him to do, he was so good. Either way, the incredulous look on Tyrion and Bronn's face made me LOL IRL
  15. My series 3 downloads of GoT are the 720p.HDTV.x264.EVOLVE at around 1.3GB a show. I can't be bothered storing anything larger. Good enough quality for my TV anyway.
  16. Fox canceled The Cleveland Show. Did anyone watch that? Never saw even 1 episode.
  17. it was pretty awful.
  18. Workin great for me. :fly: