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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Tyrian is mine.
  2. fuck that.

    Arya > Tyrion > the pirate dude who works for stannis > joffreys wife to be (love how she's playing him like a harp, its good to get see him get fucked over),
  3. Yuck, I can't stand her ever since Misery.
  4. also i wish the true king, robert baratheon's bastard son who's with arya was a stronger character.
  5. I wish arya didn't grow a foot and a half over the season.
  6. Going to check out episode 1 of Defiance. I don't have terribly high hopes, maybe it'll surprise me.
  7. No, I meant that we've talked about it before and she's well liked, and just because I don't particularly like her doesn't mean I expect anyone else to change their mind and agree with me just because I said so.

    In the books, she's, and again this is just my opinion, a boring and annoying character. By books 3/4/5, Every time one of her chapters came up, I'd have to force myself to read through it because it was just so blah. Especially 5.
  8. Gendry.

    He's pretty much just as absent from the book plot as well, but I wouldn't count him out of the story completely.
  9. The local alarm company here has been switching its customers to a cellular & internet combo alarm system. Seems to work fine for them. Panel hooks to switch, behind a router. Grabs an IP address. *shrugs*

    back on topic:
    I've watched a couple of episodes of Lost Girl on SyFy. Seems to be okay.
  10. I enjoy the succubus' tits.
  11. just watched the latest GoT episode. That was goddamn awesome, that is all.
  12. It has its moments.
  13. Anyone seen reviews for that new show from the writers of Breaking Bad? Something with an R. Revival? Revelry?
  14. No, but Ill be interested to hear more...
  15. Is Vince Gilligan involved? He was one of the head guys on the X-Files and the creator of BB.
  16. I dunno. I saw the commercials for it but can't remember the exact name. Its about some guy who is accused of murder, gets off death row, and becomes some churchy dude. Preview looked good.
  17. So, ive been watching battlestar galactica (yes, about 8 years late) and really enjoying it. Serious space drama, good acting, etc.

    Then i reach the season finale of S2. What the fuck was that. Did someone hostage the writers families and force them to write some sort of 14 year old fanfic episode.

    I completely lost all interest in the show, and actually thought i had downloaded a fake episode at first :(
  18. Help, I've been hostaged!
  19. 1. Dont give up, it gets really awesome.
    2. Im sure you can identify with the cold, emotionless cylons.