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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. It's because they are essentially running out of plot.

    It's turning into ER-"women's prison edition"
  2. You shush buzzkill!!
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    @123 Prisoner Cell Block H
  4. I just finished watching Orange is the new black!!!!

    I can't believe I have to wait until next year to catch the new season!

    Sooooo gooood
  5. Omg, I was sweating bullets during that bath scene!

    Yesssss, I was so happy to learn about their hustlin' lives! :fly:

    I'm dying of withdrawals already.
  6. No one talking about the GoT finale?

    Shame. It actually wrapped up season 4 nicely.
  7. She gonna regret what she did with the dragons
  8. thought there would be more
    Lady Stoneheart
  9. Agreed. Locking up something already dangerous into a dark dungeon for them to deal with maternal abandonment issues in rage and anger never worked out well for anybody. I was sitting there going 'They're only going to get worse from this'.
  10. Or any for that matter
  11. It's possible that you may never see any of that in the HBO series. I'm not exactly against that either.
  12. True that it may never happen. I kind of want to see it though.
  13. I'm actually glad they didn't fuck up the on screen relationship between Jaime and Tyrion with Jaime telling Tyrion the truth about his first wife and how Tyrion swore vengeance on Jaime as a result (as it played out in the books). I like they just omitted that and let things as they were. And Breanne fighting the actual hound instead of a fake hound was a better change too. Overall, I don't mind them making alterations to the books like they are. I think it plays out better on screen
  14. I hope the hound doesnt die. It seems like he's pretty much done, but they didnt show him die which is telling that he might come back

    Arya is brutal. She's lost all her humanity.
  15. She's witnessed a lot of death. That has a tendency to do that to a person.
  16. Yeah they left out a lot.

    -Lady Stoneheart
    -Arya's Rocky training montage
    -Stannis/Battle at Winterfell
    -Dorne filler
    -Meereen filler
  17. so is any of this spoilered stuff they left out likely to ever be incorporated later? Or has that time passed in the timeline.
  18. Most of it has passed. But I think the Bran storyline is out of place and is happening too soon. Hard to tell.
  19. They've been jumping back and forth in the books to some extent, so its difficult to tell.
  20. i at-risk googled a few things. Looks like
    lady stoneheart
    will be at the beginning of the next season.

    I unfortunately saw who it is too, so i may have ruined that one for myself. If you dont know, dont google the stuffs.