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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Why do ppl deny loving that show
    It's only a summer show! It's hilarious and juicy!
    It's the perfect guilty pleasure
  2. When I was living with them they'd watch that and real world. So awful
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  3. I bet they watched a lot of 'threes company' too, didn't they?

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  4. First season is good.

    Then it gets kinda soap operay
  5. New season of Project Runway starts next week
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  6. Meh I dont mind that. So far Im not into any of the characters and I thought the pilot had awful writing and acting. I just need something to fill my time while The Good Wife etc is off air
  7. You are part of the problem.
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  8. When I close my eyes I see Fly as Mr Furley...
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  10. ahahaha!!!
  11. I just finished watching 7 seasons of Murdoch Mysteries in like a month, good show.
  12. Come and knock on my door
  13. Anyone gonna watch The Strain?
  14. gonna dvr it and see how it goes
  15. The comic is supposed to be great.
  16. Read the first 5 or so , and they were ok
    Maybe Ill go read some more of them
    Think I have the whole run...
  17. I read the first book. It was kinda interesting, but not enough to read the rest
  18. I wonder if they are going to go dark with Dr. Who this season.

  19. Last season wasn't all bright and cheary
  20. I tried last night... Meh