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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. It might be a weird pocket that y'all are in. I'm just saying that there are at least three ranges within 30 miles of my house that keep brass, and several that don't. I understand his frustration though. If you hand load, you want your casings back.
  2. I like Bakula but that sounds awful.
  3. Not if he possesses the bodies of the victims in time to stop their murders.
  4. All the "network" shows seem so sanitized, no matter how "gritty" they try to be
  5. Quantum NCiS LA. Now that idea has legs.
  6. There hasn't been a real gritty/edgy show since Miami Vice.
  7. And all of the former cast of Enterprise show up as the mire victim of the week.
  8. QUANTUM LEAP was like what I watched after school everyday as a kid. Also McGuyver
  9. MacGyver, get it right you pleb.
  10. It's super common, once it hits the ground it belongs to the range. You can get brass catchers which are basically little bags that hook onto your gun so you can keep your brass.

    Prevents people from running out onto the range and prevents jackasses from fighting over brass since casings can fly pretty far.
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    this starts on Sunday

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    @Duke Watching The Following, now up to S01E06 and holy ridiculous batman. Hope it doesnt start irritating me.
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    Saw the first episode. That was enough for me.
  14. I like Kevin Bacon though

    Mmmm Bacon
  15. He is gonna be the guest speaker next week at USF
  16. It won't. Or at least it shouldn't. Season 2 is far better though.
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    Omg I'm almost done with season 1
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  19. its not supposed to be deep and meaningful. its supposed to be zombies.

    ever since the original people left after the first season though its really gone down hill.